As long as there have been people, there has been a dance. In tribes and ancient civilizations, dance was used to worship, celebrate, to summon energy, and to bring a feeling of happiness to the soul. Throughout the generations, dance remained. However, the way we dance, the meaning of the dances, and the music changed.

It is almost surprising to look in our culture today. We have people who use movement during meditation. But, it is in the form of Yoga. Yoga requires deep concentration, allowing our minds to escape the world around us. reported that Americans in the year 2014 were more stressed than people 30 years ago. Time after time, studies have come to that conclusion. When we look at the changes in people who suffer from stress and the changes in how people try to meditate we have to wonder if there is a connection.



The practice of yoga is a form of meditation. There are various movements that people do and positions that they get into that certainly look as if they take a lot of mental power. But, that takes years of practice and brings with it flaws.

When a person is stressed out, the last thing they want to do is be still and get along with their thoughts. Over-thinking any problem can drive a stressed person to the breaking point. So, we will deduce that yoga is not a dance and that an inexperienced person cannot wrap their leg around their own head and feel stress relief.

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Reason # 1  – Physical and Chemical changes in the brain

You only need to watch a ballerina to understand that dance takes a lot of concentration. You must become silent and be moved by the music. You block out everything except for the music and your body. You move to the sound, the physical movements cause the brain to produce neurotransmitters, endorphins, and adrenalin. These feel-good chemicals block pain, the strength to push on and the transmitter that carries it all over your body. Concentration and control come into play with the physical act of dancing. This is a 100% natural way to meditate.

Reason # 2 – Improve concentration

Studies suggest that the current generation suffers more from the inability to concentrate than ever before. Even people with ADD, Dementia, and Alzheimers have shown that dance-meditation is a great way to exercise the brain, and it helps the dancer to harness and control the brain.

In order for people with these illnesses to use dance-therapy, they must concentrate deeply. It is that form of concentration and meditation is a great motivation.

Reason # 3 – Dancing allows you to develop spiritually

When a person dances for the sake of movement and mental and physical motivation. You often find that past hurts and pains are set aside. While you can dance alone, most of us want a partner. For a period of time, your meditation, control, and your ability to dance is all that matters. Not only does dance help you set aside past pains, but it gives you the power to decide which problems you are ready to let go of.


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