iOS seems to get better with each release and iOS 13 is just round the corners. One of the joys of being an iPad or iphone owner is that each successive release brings more sophistication, better performance, rich features and ease of use. What to expect in iOS 13? Apple, as usual is keeping things under wraps but taking a peek under the covers one can guess what iOS 13 has in store for users of iPhones and iPads and for iOS application development companies.


People are not exactly holding their breath but still anticipation runs high for the release scheduled for June. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on 3rd June and Apple is likely to give end users and iOS application development services a preview of the latest release. For those involved in custom iOS app development the WWDC is a momentous event since it helps them to get in touch with Apple engineers and get the lowdown on releases and how to leverage these into their iOS application development. The keynote address on 3rd is when Apple may announce iOS 13 launch.

Health app:

Health is or should be on everyone’s priority list and it is no different with iOS 13. The health section gets a makeover and could have smarts such as menstrual cycle tracking for ladies and audio level warnings by that ubiquitous Siri for those who go about plugged into music all day.

Reminders for the forgetful:

With o many things on their minds people are apt to forget quite a few and becoming an iOS device owner with latest iOS 13 will get users the benefit of improved reminders that iOS application development companies can latch on to and introduce more sophisticated reminder apps.

Going to the Dark side:

No, we do not mean it literally. What it means here is that iOS 13 is likely to bring the dark mode into prominence. It is nothing new to macOS but iOS can also boast of a dark mode. The darker side of iOS has no evil intentions. It will use dark colors instead of light colors for the UI. Inversion makes for less eye strain. iOS application development services are likely to benefit in that they too can introduce a dark mode in their apps for the iOS environment.

Swipe the keyboard:

Android users were thumbing their noses at the snooty iOS cousins since Android has this feature and iOS does not. It is likely Apple is likely to introduce the swipe keyboard in iOS 13 to make typing a tad easier and faster.


An incremental but worthwhile upgrade is in the works in iOS 13 that should probably let users select a profile name and picture as well as the “oji” sisters that include Emoji, Memoji and Animoji. iOS application development services are likely to have fun coming up with emo-memo-animo jis.


iMessage can be part fun and part seriousness but Maps is serious business and iOS users envying the android-google world of sophisticated maps are likely to get some updates. The interface will improve and so will some other features. Apple does listen to what its customers want.

Parental controls:

This is another serious matter for parents who want to control their children and who they talk with and when. Apple is likely to improve on Screen Time and bring in some more refinements to parental controls paving the way for iOS development services to come up with such control apps. Then there may be other developers who will come up with apps that will help kids overcome such blocks.

Finding things:

No, it is not an Easter egg hunt. Apple is refining the find my friends and find my iPhone into a unified app in addition to coming up with a sticky tile you can attach to a thing like a post-it note so you can find it when you want it.

Sleep better:

iOS 13 is likely to have more sophisticated sleep mode linked with clock app and bedtime feature as well as the Apple Watch. You are likely to see features like Do Not Disturb, mute notifications and other small but significant improvements.

HomePod gets smarter:

Or is likely to in the latest release scheduled for June. The way things are the HomePod does not discriminate and responds to all voices. iOS 13 HomePod will respond to different user voices and have better regulation and control. This is one area where iOS Application Development Company can go a step further and add refinements like raising an alarm should an unidentified voice try to issue commands.

Tabbed interface:

Aimed mainly at iPads, this tabbed feature replicates the tab feature one finds in browsers. Apps can be shown in tabbed format. Simply tap on one to get it to the front. Talking of browsers Safari is likely to get download facility. Talking of iPads, these are slated to replace notebooks and are likely to have better multiple windows, drag features and sheets that can be detached and moved around. This and the rumored mouse support will raise functionality of iPads and iOS developers will find further opportunities to introduce business apps leveraging this feature.


There are levels of undo in desktops but phones and tablets remarkably have kept out this feature. Not anymore. iOS 13 is likely to improve on the previous shake the phone to undo to a more suitable three finger tap in the keyboard area and a swipe to left or right to undo or redo. This is likely to bring smiles to faces of iOS devices users prone to committing mistakes and also developers who can incorporate this into their apps.

Good news for developers:

Facts will come out at the keynote on 3rd June but developers are in for a good time according to rumors. Siri is in for mods that endow it with intents. ARKit will likely be able to detect human poses (can it do it in the dark?) and developers will have better control over haptic and taptic engines. One bright feature is that core ML and neural networks in the device will help developers come up with advanced solutions.

This only underlines what they have been saying all along that Apple leads and others follow.


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