Modern lifestyle is full of comforts that are increasing day by day and badly affect human health. When the body remains unused for a long time, fat gradually increases in various areas such as the abdomen, arms, neck, thighs & waistline. Everyone is too busy in his/her daily routine of work that it becomes very difficult to spare time for exercise and meditation. Consequently, you will notice a distorted shape of the body and too many diseases.

Many physicians recommend medicines and weird supplement powders for fat reduction that are worthless or very slow to show any visible difference. Rather than you invest money on these useless products, it is advisable to search for a more reliable technique. When it comes to the quickest techniques of fat reduction, surgical procedures come in the first place. There are various surgical procedures meant for different body parts. In this article, some instant solutions to fat reduction are mentioned. Take a look.

Cosmetic surgical procedures for fat reduction:

1. Liposuction

The liposuction procedure is meant for the scution of extra fat from the body with a metallic tube called cannula. The procedure of liposuction is invasive, involves risk but the results are assured. Rather than waiting for melting your fat after consumption of pills and powders, it directly extracts fat from all parts of body. A clinic of liposuction also serves you with beautification surgeries like blepharoplasty for the correction of eyes defect.

The procedure of liposuction suitable is for people who suffer from a chronic level of obesity. If you consider this procedure for reducing fat from the body, it is advisable to remember some important facts.

  1. It is a cosmetic procedure to eradicate body fat which is not suitable if you are expecting weight loss. The weight may reduce but not as you expect after burning calories in the gym. The main objective is to compliment you with a slim shape rather than weight loss.
  2. It is also an effective technique to treat some rare medical conditions in which a body part gains too much weight. For instance, bigfoot or big hand are some rare diseases in which the size of an organ increases almost 10X times than normal. In this situation, liposuction is helpful in removing extra tissues successfully.
  3. Liposuction is an invasive technique in which fat is removed by a suction tube called cannula. Therefore, anesthesia is given to the patient before they start the procedure.
  4. All invasive techniques involve some degree of risk, especially when it comes to fat reduction. Doctors circulate the suction tube all across the targeted area that may result in internal bleeding, infection & scars.

Nowadays, liposuction has become the first choice of every cosmetic surgery clinic because its results are instant. If you manage to find a proficient surgeon of plastic surgery in Seattle, there is no need to worry about adverse impacts.

2. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck

As the name illustrates, the tummy tuck surgical procedure is meant for reducing fat from the abdominal area. It is also called tummy tuck because only fat stored on tummy removed. Rather than suction of fat below the dermis layer, directly skin is removed in order to improve your abdominal appearance. The main objective of this surgical procedure is tightening of muscles.

Ladies who delivered babies multiple times face the situation of sagging stomach. This surgical procedure is suitable for them. There are two types of tummy tuck surgeries i.e. partial and complete. In partial surgery, fat is removed below the navel area. Whereas, complete surgery cover the entire abdomen area from one hipbone to another.

As per the current trends, liposuction has gained more popularity because it is meant for the entire body rather than the cosmetic surgery of stomach area only.


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