The fastest gaming laptop is heavy with poor battery life. They are also the fastest laptop computers and the best business laptop computers. That’s assuming you need super power for your business and don’t care a lot about portability. The computers are very fast, but weigh over 12 pounds and a 12-cell battery will only last about 45 minutes.

Fastest gaming computers:

These computers are available from boutique computer assemblers like Sager and Falcon Northwest. The fastest gaming computers are generally built in Clevo boxes usually the Clevo X7200. They feature up to 3 disk drives, up to 12 GB of DDR3 ram and dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 485M GPUs with 2GB GDDR5 Video Memory are supported.

The CPU can be as fast as the Intel core i7-980X, a six-core processor which currently is the second fastest processor made. One of the new second generation “Sandy Bridge” core i7 processors the overclockable i7-2600k comes near the slower i7-950 and 970 processors but still falls well short of the i7-980X.

Fastest mobile video card:

The top end video card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 485M is the fastest mobile video card currently made and two cards in SLI should give you a 40% boost (the general estimate of gain from SLI) over the single card.

The base prices of fastest gaming laptop & computer:

If you want to buy the fastest gaming laptop computer, bring plenty of money. The base price for these is around $3000 (depending on builder). As mentioned on Laptopjudge, upgrading the processor to the i7-980X costs about $900. A second 485M card costs about $900. A decent size SSD (160 GB+) will cost about $400. I let myself go to configure these monsters at two of the companies making these computers. I ended up with a computer that costs about $6000.

Business laptop & computers:

In some ways, if you look at these as business laptop computers they are “better” than as gaming laptop computers. If you need this kind of speed on the road, you aren’t impacted as much by the major shortfall of these for gaming as compared to desktop computers.

Mobile video cards are slower than desktop cards. Even if the designation is the same, the desktop cards are faster. Newer faster cards come out for desktops first. Unless you need the speed for video editing, this won’t affect you.

It is hard to tell where these computers fit in the cosmic computer scheme. They are too heavy with battery life that is too short to be really used as portable computers. If you can’t plug them in you only get about 45 minutes of use from a battery charge. They run very hot and will fry your lap if you use one on it. So, if you plug it in, and put it on a table, you can get a portable desktop that will support a desktop video card. A player with one of these will own an equally skilled player with a laptop, all other things being equal.

The fastest gaming laptop is very fast, for a laptop, but will still fall short of a gaming desktop, but only in graphics.


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