Let’s just face it; being a plumber is hard and to make your name in the market, when there are several other experts present, you are actually asking for one of the biggest challenges that you will ever have to face. As we are talking about marketing ideas for plumbers, the first perception usually is that which plumber would really have the time to promote himself, considering the fact that are always on the road or working for client.

 But if you are a beginner or want to expand your plumbing business, then marketing is essential and you will have to dedicate some time to make potential clients know about how good you are.

So, if you want to be known for professional sewer replacement services in Pasadena CA or as a general plumbing expert, here are some marketing techniques that you should try to make yourself known to the world around you.

Focus on Reviews:

The first thing that people really look out for, after having an initial idea about your service is reviews. However, this situation changes upside down when they have to give review to a plumber online for his extra ordinary service. As a plumber, you will hardly find someone that would be happy enough to give you review later when you are gone. Therefore, just like the way you have to maintain the quality in your work by all means, obtaining reviews also fall on your shoulders. There can be three easy ways to do so:

  • Ask them politely to review you directly once you are done with their work.
  • Send them a reminder on social media or via email.
  • Offer little discounts on next service in return for reviewing you online.

Get Involved in the Local Community:

Making your name in the community around you should always be your top priority. It doesn’t matter if no one knows about you for now, spending time with the people around will eventually bring them to you when they would look out for “Sewer Replacement near me”. For this you can always try out:   

  • Meetups for plumbers do happen and getting into such circles will eventually help you in making yourself known around your area.
  • Help out local associations and citizen groups
  • Try to do little work for free in schools or PTAs

Customer Referral Programs:

The idea is always simple, if you want to market yourself as a plumber, make sure that your clients are getting some reward for the amount of effort that they will give into doing word of mouth for you. Going with the same philosophy, customer referral programs can be one great way to make the past clients do marketing for you directly.

Social Media:

You need to make your voice heard right at the doorstep of every home owner so in the digital world, your safest bet to do the same can always be an effective use of social media. It has become the most essential connectivity tool for people which they use every day for various things in their life. So advertising yourself in the right groups or making your own page look more professional will help you gain more customers (especially in your area)

Charge According to the Value That your Service Provides:

It is not necessary that you directly compete with the fellow plumbers when it comes to sewer replacement costs as doing so will make you lose your value in front of any potential client. Your job is to win the customer with the kind of skill that you possess and the value of service that you can give for the amount that you usually charge.

Customer Service:

One of the major challenges that service businesses often face is related to customer service. You are eventually going to work in the premises of your client and hence it is your responsibility to also act as a respectable guest while you perform your job.

Make Your Self More Available:

There will be times when people would call you out during the odd hours. In such circumstances, all you need is patience as you should pick the call and get your client. Failing to do so would mean that your chance is always gone in an instance.


As social media is best for advertising about your service to a large number of home owners, you can also try out emails if you want to go for a more personal approach when it comes to reaching out to new clients.


Just like rewards, giveaways require low amount of capital to be spent and if done in the right way, it can bring high return on investment.

Always Have Business Cards With You:

Last but not the least, the opportunity to market your plumbing business is everywhere. Therefore, you should at least have business cards in your pocket at all times to give it to people so that they should know how to contact you during the hour of need.


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