In today’s century businesses are increasing rapidly. While technology helps mankind in every way but do have some drawbacks. The businesses use the majority of electrical appliances and equipment that can lead to fire explosions. The improper sockets, wires or human negligence can cause a lot of damage and loss of lives.

The majority of businesses protect their employees by conducting fire risk assessments. The fire risk assessment cost London is not more than the loss of valuable human life. The top businesses do have

  • The fire exit doors and stairs
  • Clean, safe & sufficient pathways to exit doors
  • Smoke systems to detect the fire & smoke
  • Fire-emergency drills conducted every month
  • Fire extinguishers present on every floor of the building.

These common methods can make your building fire protective. Fire is a good servant but a bad master so it could be hard to prevent yourself from any uncontrollable fire. This blog will reveal the major steps you need to take in any fire emergency situation.

Steps to Take in Fire Emergency Situation:

Fire explosions always give a surprise. The key to saving your life is to use your sense and never get panic. The following essential key points will help you to face any fire emergency situation.

Prepare Yourself Before Fire:

The smoke alarms always alert you before the fire extends. The uncontrollable fire can rapidly eat all the mass and structure of the building. As soon as you see the smokes remember the nearest fire exit points. Don’t run in wrong directions that can put you in more trouble. Remember to crawl or crouch as soon as you see the smoke. For safety precautions against fire, you can go through the following points.

  • Go towards the nearest exit by crawling
  • Hold your breath as much as you can because the smoke can cut off the oxygen & you can get unconscious
  • If you need to breathe so always use a handkerchief to filter the air. Always try to breathe from your nose
  • Don’t need to get panic as smoke will always find the ceilings so you can easily see the path.

Using Fire Extinguisher:

Being in hurry to save life’s many people often forget to use the fire extinguishers. Using the fire extinguishers should be the first priority of every employee. Fire extinguishers can control the fire if they are used early.  You need to consider the following points before using the fire extinguisher.

  • The category of fire (small or large fire explosion)
  • Never use an extinguisher if the fire and smokes are rapidly increasing
  • Always use a single fire extinguisher rather than using a couple of fire extinguishers
  • Never fight with fire as fire is always smarter and quicker than you.

Fire Catches You:

If you are caught by fire and your clothes start to burn then you need to use the mind instead of your legs. Never run while your clothes are set on fire. Your first priority should be removing the clothes. If you can’t remove your clothes than always lay down and start rolling the cut the oxygen supply. This is the best way to get rid of the fire.


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