As of late, Exodus Kodi is one of the most iconic Kodi add-on, which makes it more functional as a media center. This add-on is developed originally by Lambda, which further forked many number of times with a lot of replacements. This year, in 2019, even though the code of Exodus Kodi remains the same, there are a few key changes and additions, which we will discuss in this article.

About Exodus Kodi:

It is an open-source code set, trying to integrate three important components as:

  • Scraper
  • Resolver
  • Search Engine

The primary Exodus Kodi is a search engine, where users can search for a movie or TV shows. Exodus uses Trakt, TVDM, and TMDB databases to show up movies and video titles in the most popular playlists.

Once you search, Exodus can show a large list of media files, from which you can pick a file to play which is further passed on to the resolver. This is a URLResolver, which decides how to navigate to the actual file host to get the video file. The resolver then passes the media file to Kodi, which plays the media file.

Major features of Exodus Kodi:

All Exodus Kodi versions have features like:

  • 50+ media sources scraped by add-ons.
  • Specialized categories for TV shows and movies, including the most popular, latest release, rating based, etc.
  • Supports non-English streams too like Spanish, Greek, French, German, and more.
  • The integrated library where you can save the titles and for quick access later.
  • Supported by, a third-party library and tracking platform.
  • Supported by major account-based services like Premiumize and Real-Debrid etc.

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Kodi Exodus Kodibae:

Kodibae repository is a Github repo which updates the add-on codes, created by TVAddons. In fact, TVAddons is also involved in a legal suit in Canada on the legitimacy of its add-ons.

Exodus Redux:

Exodus Redux is a newer version of the actual Exodus add-on. It has some code base changes also where the resolver is changed to ResolveURL from URLResolver, which also gets more regular updates. The scraper module is changed to Open Scrapers from local with a community codebase.

While downloading Exodus, ensure that you already have at least Kodi 17.0 version or greater.


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