Remember those days when the first thing that popped up into your mind hearing charcoal – the barbecue grill. So nave thinking. But later this black thing has made its way into everything – starting from supplements pill to face masks. Its detoxifying power has paved its way to fight against dangerous chemicals, dirt, and oil. People are now in the practice of using this thing for teeth whiting too! Do they really count to make your teeth pearl white?

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that is treated to make it’s surface porous. They are commonly found in water filters. All these small pores act as magnets for other articles of dangerous chemicals as well as oil and dirt which gets adsorbed(not absorbed) in it, sweeping away all those unwanted particles from water. You can easily order toothpaste online that contains activated charcoal and you can buy those using Nykaa Sale with great offers.

The concept of using charcoal took rebirth from the ancient technique. According to some cosmetic dentists – it binds everything along with it starting from stains to tartar and even tonsils. While some argue that charcoal is not that bad for your teeth, it would not help much with your smile on the longer run, as this active ingredient would not stay longer in contact you’re your teeth. Still many found it to be an effective treatment for teeth whitening and removing bad breath.

Advantages of using Activated Charcoal:

Really concerned about the reality? Whether activated charcoal has some advantages? Yes it does, but to some extent– let’s discuss

Helps in removing stains from your teeth – Mostly for all the coffee lovers out there. Either for stress removal or any other reason, we rely on coffee and which in turn leaves us with stained teeth. As we all are aware of the fact that charcoal is abrasive, it helps in removing some stains from the outer layer providing us with white teeth.

It’s cheap and easily available-It’s easy to buy charcoal activated toothpaste, now easily available in online markets and grocery shops or you can add them separately. In either way, they are cheap and help you with teeth whitening.

It polishes and buffs your teeth – Again, as we all know that charcoal is abrasive, so it helps in removing and polishing the outer roughness of our teeth leaving us with a shine on regular use.

Disadvantages of using Activated Charcoal:

As we are now aware of the advantages, let us discuss its counterparts. The above-mentioned fact may look ideal to go for an activated charcoal toothpaste, but is that so really? No! Here’s why you should avoid using them.

It doesn’t really whiten your teeth – Though the media ads and marketing promise you with teeth whitening, but they really don’t. It only helps in removing the outer surface or any strains caused due to over-consumption of coffee, tobacco or red wine. But it really fails to remove the yellowish or other significant strains formed.

It’s devoid of the fluoride content – Floride is an essential component help in fighting with the cavity. We search for these very ingredients while taking from the market. But most of the “Natural” activated charcoal toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride, making it a poor choice for you. In addition to these various toothpaste available, that is helpful for teeth whitening and one can buy those using Big Basket Offers with reasonable prices.

May cause permanent damage – As already said, charcoal is abrasive, it may slowly eat up your enamel. And once that’s get destroyed, there is no other way to restore them. This leads to other teeth related problems like sensitive gums, cavity and a varied diseased that may occur in the long run, leaving you with a much painful experience.

Don’t Fall For The Hype!

All are different. What works best for you may not go well with others. In the same manner, the toothpaste that may suit you, may not suit others. The best toothpaste is to use what your dentist recommends depending on your situation. Due to its abrasive nature, many dentists ask not to use them. It causes permanent damage in the long run. A regular dental clean with checkup would definitely solve your problems and if you are still not satisfied then ask your doctor before trying any.

So better avoiding charcoal based toothpaste and go for a fluoride one, which will help you in keeping your health shiny and healthy in the long run for years to come.


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