The rock that symbolizes your love for each other should be as genuine as the feelings you share. Therefore, before you pay for that engagement ring or wedding ring, you need to know all there is to know about its authenticity.

Faux diamonds and low-quality gemstones are everywhere. Several shops in Singapore sell faux diamonds or lab made diamonds for reduced prices. As long as the jeweler is honest about the source and quality of the diamond, purchasing it is not a problem.

Why is it necessary to learn about diamond certifications, grades, and cuts?

While shopping for a diamond ring, you may notice that different stores have different price tags for diamonds with almost identical GIA certifications. The problem is that many jewelry stores still find the pricing a diamond confusing after considering its carat, color, clarity, and cut. In theory, a round cut diamond weighing 1 carat with no occlusions, should be costlier than an oval cut one of the same qualities. However, if the oval cut diamond has super ideal cut and the round cut has standard cut, how does the jewelry store price the gemstones?

What is an unbiased way to test diamonds for cuts and quality?

To address this problem, some jewelers have adopted the Fonder Light Performance grading. It is a theoretical grading tool that compares the brilliance, sparkle, light symmetry, and fire of two very similar diamonds for determining their real worth. The four parameters of a Fonder Diamond have made it considerably straightforward for the jewelers in Singapore. It has indeed made it much easier for both men and women to find the right engagement jewelry and wedding jewelry that has the power to command an “I do” from both sides.

How to choose the best diamond for your sweetheart?

Here’s how you can choose a brilliant diamond as well –

  1. Consider its cut

Refer to the cut proportions – table, crown, depth, culet and girdle when the jeweler shows you two similar diamonds. Refer to Fonder Diamond super ideal cut for understanding the parameters of true brilliance.

  1. Go with a high-tech light test

If you are investing the lion’s share of your earnings or savings in the ring, you might want to go for testing the light performance of the gemstone with High-Tech light test. Tech-reliant testing removes the uncertainty that comes with grading a diamond by the eye.

  • Check its performance in natural light

No matter how brilliant or scintillating a diamond looks inside the store, you need to see it in natural light to understand its quality. A genuine super ideal cut has fire and scintillation that is far superior to ideal cut or any other cut. If you desire a round gemstone, or a cushion cut one, you can get super ideal cuts in the same shape once you ask the jeweler.

Shopping for diamonds is quite tricky. Even gemstone connoisseurs think twice before investing in a diamond online. Singapore is replete with jewelry stores that sell genuine diamonds of the most exceptional quality. Walk into one and find a jeweler, who is willing to take you through the steps we have mentioned above before your first buy.


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