Trading in the stock market is not rocket science, and one can learn it over a period with some experiences. However, the required skills of research and understanding of market movement make a huge difference to the profiles of the traders here. The trader who relies on the tips from different sources may not get that much profit and chances of loss of money are higher as the tips from so-called sources are not that much reliable.

In such a scenario one needs to look at the company’s background and see if it is really growing or not. The market is a dual-edged sword which can make or break the trader. If there is no required knowledge of the market, execution of the order, skills to operate the terminal and set profit booking or stop loss the chances are higher that one may have to face a huge failure here but for those who have these skills, there can be no better platform to make money.

The accounts:

A trader or investor whoever wants to deal in the share market needs to have at least one demat and one trading account. For an investor, the trading account is not required, but for a trader, the demat and trading both accounts are required. In the market as far as the demat account is concerned, one can go to any broker and get the demat account opened but ultimately it can be with either NSDL or CDSL only. The trading account can be opened with any broker or company.

The trading:

For a trader, regular trading can prove highly beneficial as one can fetch profit from it daily. There are some shares in which one can find price variation regularly and hence trading in the same can make one get good profit. However, here one must note that whatever transactions he does, he needs to pay an amount as brokerage to the broker. Hence to have effective services from the broker one needs to find the best share broker in India who not only offers the trading facility but also helps one to get the trade executed by the quick placement of order and updation of the present situation.

The brokerage:

In the market, the trader can find different types of brokers who charge different brokerage. As there is no fixed rate for the same, they charge as per their own rules. One who goes for bulk trading needs to find the broker who can offer the trading services with the low brokerage as he can save a good amount at this stage. Due to the volume, the brokerage rates can also be reduced, and still, a broker can earn well as a part of his revenue from this source.

Usually, the brokers do not prefer to offer low brokerage rate, and hence one needs to find the service provider who can offer a discount in brokerage. This discount can prove much helpful to the trader as he can save a good amount and go for the reinvestment of the same in the market.  


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