Corporate interviews are some of the few of your life where you, despite having a lot of experience, feel nervous and a bit frantic on your way to the office. It gets more frightening if you get a last minute call about your selection and you know you only have a little time left to prepare yourself along with selecting your dress.

 The First Impression:

 Personality counts a lot. The way you talk, your way of moving and walking, everything represents your confidence level. You need to be very careful in delivering your thoughts and interacting with the interviewer. However, one of the most important thing that can enhance your chance of getting a job is the way you dress up for the interview. You have to create a lasting impression on your employer and make him believe that you are the right person to choose.

 The Office Dress Code:

 Before you begin selecting your dress, the first thing that you have to ponder is what the office dress code is. You must know if existing employees wear casuals, semi-formal or formal. This will give you a hint to know how you can dress yourself up. You should not look like a bull in the China stock. For instance, if the place is too casual, with boys wearing jeans and loose shirts, you, on the other hand, will enter with your collar, tie and a sleek pair of dress pants, will completely look inappropriate. People will think that this might be your life’s first interview that’s why you are being so formal and conscious.

 For Mens:

 For men, if you choose to go all formal you will have to select a decent looking tie and a formal coat suit. If you want you can put your blazer on along with a pair of matching coral mens socks. Secondly, if you want to look semi-formal, you can take a formal shirt with a cotton pair of pant. The third option is to carry a casual personality, You can have a nice pair of jeans with a simple and professional-looking shirt for the interview.

 For Girls:  

Girls have a lot of option to go with. For formal wears, you can go with a loose pair of pants with a proper professional shirt with your hair tied up to look sophisticated. Secondly, if you want to carry a semi-formal personality you can try a short shirt and a short top. You can also put on a formal med-length top with a classy pair of sandals.

The third option is to go for casual wear, you can have a nice pair of jeans or pants with any decent t-short that you like. Always remember to compliment your dressing with a wristwatch. In corporate life, wearing a wristwatch throws a delightful and utterly corporate impression.

 Wrap Up:

Whatever you wear do not let your head down. Stay confident and bold enough to let your interviewer know your worth.


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