The video is currently the type of web content that has the greatest impact on users and is also destined to dominate business marketing strategies in the coming years. Because it is immediate and is more engaging than a simple static image or text. Besides, it affects the viewer’s imagination in a direct way and stimulates his emotional reactions. In short, it’s perfect for marketing at a certain level.

In this state, the Online Video Editor becomes a suitable video editing tool for your business. FlexClip is definitely a web tool to consider to make your own videos directly online and therefore without downloading and installing the software in your PC or Smartphone. The goal is, in fact, to give the user a service that can easily and quickly create videos but still maintaining similar visual quality.

Simple to Use:

A single shot can be trimmed by sliders in any length. It is also able to split a video into two or more short videos by just several clicks. What’s more, the simple drag-and-drop timeline is useful for customization. Besides, the user can easily place caption text, logo, watermark by tapping on the corresponding frame. Anyway, all design is simple but functional.

Extensive Media Library:

You can choose from hundreds of Stock Photos, video clips and songs, or even use a solid color background. In order to facilitate locating and filter search results, all resources have been divided into different categories. Besides, FlexClip provides dozens of handpicked text animations, logo templates to your video making. In addition, access to your own file collection is also available. At last, FlexClip will offer rich video templates in the subsequent update.

Fully Customizable:

As I mentioned above, FlexClip allows you to trim, split, merge videos directly. It is possible to crop and add watermark, zoom in or zoom out a video in minutes. If you prefer, it is also possible to record a voice-over directly into the video using a microphone device. What’s more, FlexClip offers some common aspect ratio options for your video, such as 16:9, 1:1, 9:11. So you can make a video that can be suitable for different devices and for different social media platforms. 

Download for Free:

With FlexClip, All videos can be downloaded for free with a high resolution of up to 1080p.

How to edit a video with FlexClip:

First, you need to build the storyline by element in a basic editor, whereby the texts and also the video lengths are defined here. In the second step, you can then do some customizations: record the voice-over, add the background music, adjust the position and length of the text overlays and change the output aspect ratio. 

Because you first make the logical structure of the story and then can be creative on the visible result. After you are satisfied with the results, you can press a simple “download” button in the best resolution. So you can share the video on your YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

In conclusion:

FelxClip is a very simple tool and makes it possible to edit your video online in just a few minutes. Even if you are not so good at the video editing, I can assure you that you still can make “decent” videos to be published online or shown in public at a good level.


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