It’s no exaggeration, the market opportunity for blockchain is said to shoot up for over $3.1 trillion by 2030. Currently, there’s a huge demand for blockchain in the job market. Professionals are looking to acquire skills as the demand exceeds the supply. Software developers and engineers are very low in supply, the reason why salary compensation is comparatively higher for these skilled experts.

No doubt, blockchain is already a popular trend today. Despite the challenges this technology still undergoes, several organizations are already adapting this technology into their development and processes. The demand for such professionals is said to have risen higher than 400% since the year 2017. As per CNBC, the demand for blockchain technology is fueled by big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft etc. Although we may not realize, blockchain has entered an era where it has entered our lives today.

It has disrupted several industries such as financial institutions, healthcare, legal industry, medical services, startups, and governments. It is also predicted that in the coming years, blockchain technology may have the ability to disrupt all other remaining industries too. Nonetheless, technologies such as blockchain have conquered the minds of million tech enthusiasts globally.

According to Hired, the topmost place that is in a hunt for blockchain professionals is San Francisco Bay Area, London, and New York.

Though in its nascent stage, blockchain is already hitting the news and causing a buzz in the job market. Thus, leading to blockchain skills being crucial in the competitive IT market. Not knowing what to first learn professionals often sets candidates into a confused state. Presently, you may find candidates, both freshers and graduates learning blockchain technology through varied mediums such as online training programs or workshops.

Based on the individual’s skill knowledge or experience level, one may choose a certification program.

One can find several online programs available for tech enthusiasts looking to make their way through the blockchain career. Let us have a look at these three platforms offering blockchain certification from where you can acquire the skills and training.

  • Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council offers certification program for courses covering different aspect in the industry. One of the renowned program is the Certified Blockchain Expert. This program equips professionals with extensive understanding in blockchain and their related technology, and offer opportunity to buid blockchain-based applications for business purposes.

  • Central Blockchain Council of America

CBCA imparts extensive knowledge for professionals and freshers to make a start in the blockchain career. If you’re a blockchain enthusiasm and have some experience in programming, then this certification program might just be the ideal one for you. Based on your experience and learning skills you may take up three certification programs such as Business Blockchain Professional, Certified Blockchain Engineer, and Global Blockchain Engineer.

  • Blockchain Training Alliance

This platform provides comprehensive training program on blockchain technologies. Their main aim is to offer students with the latest learning material and keep them in sync with the latest trend going around in the market. An added benefit, training and lectures is held all around the world.


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