After Apple admitted that they reduce the battery lifespan of older phones when an update is issued, it has become absolutely important for iPhone owners to take good care of their phone’s battery. Not only that, it is a fact that as compared to other phones, the battery life of Apple is far less in comparison. This has made it more important for owners to keep the health of their battery in check. There are many tips which you can follow so as to remove the possibility of iPhone repair.

  • Checking the Health of the Battery- In an iPhone, you can check the health of your battery very easily. All you need to do is go to settings<battery. But remember, it will be on display only if your phone’s battery health is 80% or below. If it falls below 80%, either replace it or get your battery replaced, or get it repaired. If you are getting your iPhone repaired, your best option would be Ifixed Repairs . They specialize in iPhone repair, especially iPhone 6 repair. All you need to do is leave your iPhone at your nearest service centre and you’ll be getting it back the same day.
  • Low Power Mode- Switch to low power mode when your phone hits 20% battery life. That is the recommended way, but you can also turn it on manually even at 100% battery. If you are a light user, you will be able to increase your battery life and battery lifespan a whole lot just by using this mode regularly. Use it and notice the difference in how long your iPhone’s battery lasts for.
  • Don’t Overcharge- Not just for iPhones, but this tip also works for Android smartphones. When charging your phone, remember to not charge your phone above 80%, and if it is charged fully, don’t leave it on your charger with the charger being on, as that will pump in electricity without there being any storage left, thus degrading the battery life.
  • Use WiFi and Low Brightness- According to mobile phone experts, WiFi consumes a lot less battery life as compared to cellular data. Using it would also be beneficial for your battery lifespan as it’ll get discharged slowly. Also, you must also try and use the lowest possible brightness setting. For that, you must remember not to use your phone for long in the sun, or in any bright place. That will require high brightness, and you don’t want that.


In the end, you must remember to get your phone serviced on a regular basis to ensure your battery’s health and to keep off any other problem. For the best iPhone services, check out Ifixed Repairs . With their experience and skills, you will get the best possible mobile phone servicing. Not only that, they also provide their services at extremely low costs, which means that anyone can afford it. They surely deserve for you to check them out once.


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