Indoor biking is the most practicing exercise in recent days. Created in the United States in the early 1990s, indoor cycling (also known as indoor biking, biking or cycle) is the predominantly aerobic sport that has gained more adepts of varying ages and fitness over the past few years.

Bicycling activity has many good benefits to the practitioners health. “When pedaling, the cyclist exerts a force on the pedals that helps in strengthening large muscle groups, such as the legs, thighs and abdominals,” explains the physiotherapist. “This activity also improves heart rate, accelerates metabolism, helps reduce cholesterol and weight loss,” adds the professional Life Fitness Bike adds many other advantages for those who want to exercise with quality and get quick results.

The exercises of this modality are made accompanied by music in rooms where a great variety of regulars is motivated collectively. The loud music is a powerful stimulant , which generates even more enthusiasm when pedaling with will and intensity, increasing even more fat burning.

The training is done within a space suitable for this (either in a gym or even in a workout room at home), so in a safe environment, free of pollution, the danger of collisions with vehicles and urban violence. This advantage relieves stress by performing physical activity and allows the practitioner to devote more determination to exercise and their search for results.

Although the activity is performed indoor, this type of training can easily simulate all pedaling situations in outdoor environments (such as mountain climbing, for example), thanks to the application of programmed loads in the equipment and to the speed control of the rotations. which is usually done according to the rhythm of the music to collaborate in encouraging the practitioner. In this way, it is possible to leave the training more dynamic and to potentiate the calorie burning and the physical conditioning.

As the stationary bicycle is fixed, the risk of accidents and physical injuries is close to zero and, as it does not require a highly developed motor coordination, it can be practiced by anyone, provided that with pace and intensity adjustments to the practitioner’s physical conditioning .

Some important tips should be observed by the adepts of the indoor bike:

It is very important to regulate the bicycle to the proportions of the body. At this point, it is interesting to have the help of a well-prepared supervisor for this, as the height of the seat and the distance of the handlebar should be very well balanced to avoid injury.

The correct posture is also critical to the correct practice of indoor cycling exercises. It is recommended to keep the abdomen always contracted and to be alert to the correct breathing during the practice of the activities, even in the hour of warming and to lengthen.

As physical exertion in this mode is quite intense, sweating tends to increase considerably. Therefore, it is important to keep a towel within reach and moisturize the body continuously with water or isotonic.

The clothes used should be very comfortable, allowing the free movement of the limbs and avoiding bad posture, injuries and any discomfort that could compromise the good performance in the exercise.

Benefits Of Indoor Cycling:

  • It improves Cardiovascular conditioning.
  • The caloric expenditure is very high, which helps in weight loss.
  • Nothing monotonous, the exercises work the muscles of the entire body and define the abdomen, shoulder, triceps, biceps and back.
  • Lessons are given in low lighting and candle-lit environments. The intention is to provide energetic and spiritual relaxation and allow students to take care of both body and soul.
  • Improves motor coordination (aerobic and muscular exercises are combined with pedal and trunk movements).
  • Helps breathing work.
  • The classes play with the motivational and emotional part (they are ideal for “unloading energy”).
  • The songs performed during the classes are lively, very current and create a connection with the students, making the moment even more pleasurable.
  • The method offers payment and reservations online, reducing the time spent with registrations in the receptions.



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