These days, people of all age groups color their hair. People usually do not like to see grey hair. Don’t you pluck your grey hair as soon as you see it amidst your black hair? What do you do to cover the white color hair? Naturally, you might be using dye to get your hair black. Is the dye safe for your scalp of your skin? Moreover, if you have dandruff, then you should take extra care for your hair. You need a dandruff shampoo which will treat the dandruff from your hair and the shampoo will not create harm for your color treated hair.

Which shampoo will you choose? You need not waste your time in browsing the best dandruff-based shampoo for your color hair on the internet. Keep reading the next lines to get your answer.

Why you should color your hair?

1. Try out a new look:

Having the same look makes a person depressed at times. Hence, you feel to get a makeover for yourself. What better than to start with coloring your hair? In this way, you bring a new change in you and your colored hair too brings a change in your personality.

2. Various color options:

The beauty care market is teeming with various hair colors with several brands. It is not necessary to get your hair dyed with black color every time. You can try out brown, red, purple and sundry vibrant colors to get the trendy look you want.

3. Safeguards the texture of your hair:

Hair color shields your hair from wind, pollution, cold temperature and heat. Also, coloring your hair gives a shiny touch to your hair.

Precautions needed for colored hair:

Does your hair have dandruff? If yes, then you should take extra care while you color your hair. Coloring the dandruff hair can cause damage to the scalp and texture of your hair. It has been noticed that the color treated hair gives rise to dandruff. The reason of getting dandruff after your hair color is that the color makes the scalp harsh which triggers the issue of dandruff. Therefore, a proper hair care routine is needed when you treat your color hair.

Recommended dandruff shampoo for colored hair:

If you have ongoing dandruff problem and your hair is color treated, then you have to take precautionary measures when you are selecting a shampoo for your dandruff hair. Opt for Ketoconazole Anti Dandruff shampoo for color treated hair best for treating dandruff naturally. This shampoo is especially designed for dandruff and also works best on the colored hair.

Frequency of using the dandruff shampoo:

Ensure not to use Ketoconazole Anti Dandruff shampoo daily, if you use color on your hair on a regular basis. It is advised to use the shampoo twice or thrice a week. This anti-dandruff shampoo can be used by women and men. While you use this shampoo, you should massage the shampoo gently on your scalp and then wash with water. In order to get the smooth texture and shine in your hair, you can use a conditioner right after washing your hair.

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