We all very well know the difference between sleeping for three hours and an eight-hour beauty sleep. In fact, the difference shows itself in the form of bags under the eyes, cranky behaviour and an ever-increasing dependence on coffee. This list of inconveniences should suffice but people tend to forget them after a night of good sleep and this leads to a in a messed-up body clock which can severely impact our mind and body.

1. Get sleep or get fat:

People who sleep for a short duration are very likely to gain weight and become obese as opposed to the ones who sleep for a longer time period. As proper sleep is linked to better metabolism and effective weight loss, one should keep this in mind while pulling an all nightery. Studies have also shown that people who sleep well are likely to consume fewer calories and are not at the risk of weight gain.

2. More productive days:

Lack of sleep can affect our brain in a negative way and can consequently disrupt concentration and productivity. According to research, short duration of sleep as the same affect on the brain as alcohol intoxication and in contrast to this, good sleep is linked to better memory and concentration.

3. Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease:

Sleep deprivation puts us at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and so the key to a healthy heart is proper sleep. When we are sleeping, our blood pressure goes down and so staying up for a long period of time means that our blood pressure also remains high during that particular period. This is detrimental for the health of our heart and paves way for diseases like stroke and heart attack.

4. Depression:

Our mental wellbeing is directly linked to our sleep. There are days when after a night of poor sleep, one feels really cranky, emotional and lethargic. This is because sleep can alter our moods and such a strong grip it holds on our emotions. People who do not get proper sleep for days are at a greater risk of drifting into depression.

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