Many people choose to buy food items and other food supplies in bulk because they find it difficult to buy them on a regular basis. Buying in bulk makes things easier for them, especially if they have a full-time job to manage. However, organizing and storing food items is a difficult task when buying in bulk. People with small kitchen and pantry areas face a lot of hurdles when it comes to organizing food supplies in bulk, leading to numerous problems including food wastage and pest infestation in the pantry.

This article is to provide readers with solutions that will allow them to store and organize a large amount of food supplies in small pantries without difficulty. Exploring these ways will make life easier and manageable. Lets read on to know how you can fit in more food in your kitchen neatly.

1. On-the-door rack system:

On-the-door spice racks are a life changer as they can free up a lot of space on the floor. They can be an amazing storing system that would keep everything organized. You can keep a number of different food items on these racks including the cracker boxes, cereal jars, salt, sugar, lentils, and a lot of more similar items. You can not only keep the dry food on this rack, but you can also keep liquid sauce jars on these racks. Make sure that you buy well-designed racks that have boundaries and will not make bottles or jars fall if the door is moved.

2. wall shelves:

Just like on-the-door racks, wall hanging shelves can also be a great option for making a lot of space in your pantry and keep the pantry organized. Wall shelves can keep a lot of things at a small distance so that they can be easily accessed. Again, these shelves can be used for keeping almost all kind of dried food items. Make sure you use good containers to keep the food and then put them orderly on the shelf.

3. Refrigerator storage system:

There are food items that cannot be kept outside the fridge or refrigerator. This is why refrigerator organizers are a must to organize a pantry. People should take care of this matter when they are buying the refrigerator for their kitchen. There is a variety of commercial walk in freezer for sale that can be checked out before one makes a decision about buying a refrigerator. Make sure that whatever size of refrigerator you choose to buy, it has enough space to keep your bulk food supplies. If it does not, make sure you buy appropriate organizing cabinets for your refrigerator right there and then.

4. Air tight containers:

Air tight containers should always be a part of pantries and kitchens because they help you keep food that has the tendency of blighting when exposed to air. Such as biscuits, fruit cakes, and so on.

5. Dispensers:

Dispensers are an effective way to access a specific food item directly without having to open jars and all. They can be used for keeping dry food as well as juices and sauces. You can pick the right sized dispensers according to your need.

6. Vegetable and fruit basket divider:

If your fridge does not have enough space to keep a lot of vegetables and fruits, buy a vegetable basket divider. Dividers can make your fridge’s vegetable basket more spacious and can also help you organize your vegetable and fruits in a better way.

7. Skinny sliding cabinets at the fridge’s side:

There are slim sliding cabinets available in the market that can be a great addition to your kitchen. Using them can help you keep a dozen of bottles at hidden there safely. You can slide them in when you are not using them so that you do not have to display it and yet, you can access them easily.


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