If you are an enthusiast home-based baker and cookies are your specialty, why not start off your business and build a brand? For branding and marketing, you ought to have an easy to remember and cool name that people can effortlessly relate to, especially with cookies. If you have hands-on expertise in baking 4/5 or more flavors, you can think about different packaging boxes for each.

Product packaging is of significant importance these days to make a product instantly likable with the customers. For home-based businesses, it is all the way more important to invest in their packaging, since most of the orders they get are for delivery. So come up with a logo and tagline that you want on your packaging to get started!

Handy Cookie Boxes:

Your custom cookie boxes should be durable; they should have trays inside them to protect the cookies from getting crumbled. You can have a look at the existing box style options available for cookie packaging. If you find something suitable you can have it customized according to your own specifications.

For instance, if you intend to keep more than 5 cookies in a box you can think about changing the size, tray and other dimensions. Have a look at your competitors’ boxes as well to get a fair idea about what sort of packaging is trending. However, be original and different if you want to leave a lasting impression on the customers. 

An Artsy Cookie Packaging Design:

If you want your customers to order your cookies, again and again, add the fun element to your packaging. If you have separate products for children and adults, you can have separate artworks for the product boxes. You can have superhero themed custom printed cookies boxes for the children. For diet conscious people, if you have sugar free cookies, you can use a relevant design to promote your cookies.

For a certain flavor like the chocolate chip, you can have a pictorial template for the packaging box. Having design variations in your packaging would stir the interest of your customers and they will want to check out more of your products. 

Interactive Cookie Packaging Boxes:

Having interactive cookie packaging boxes for your products are likely to give you an added advantage. You can share your social media profile links on your product boxes to engage the customers. A contest on the packaging would also compel the customers into knowing more about your cookie brand. Think about the ways to grab the attention of the customers through packaging and make the most out of it. Packaging can turn out to be the most cost-effective marketing and branding tool for a business. 

Easy to Handle and Stock Cookie Box Packaging:

Think about your customer convenience while getting your custom cookie boxes designed. Looking out for a jar to stock up cookies after a packaging box has been opened is a hassle. Why not offer a solution to the customers? You can either have a separate foil packaging for each cookie or think of another solution to save the cookies from getting soggy and crumbled once the box has been opened. 

Share your concerns with the printer before choosing a certain box style for cookie packaging. Don’t pick an option that is way too identical with others. 


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