Do you sometimes feel uncertain the company or companies are not working in your best interest?

We at Alliance Insurance Company offer you options galore. For you, millennials and others who like to do everything online, we believe that this fact, which offers both speed, accuracy, and a myriad choice, is perfect for you!

Most People Shop Price When Dealing with Their Insurance Needs:

While affordability may be the only “bottom line” for you, which is quite understandable especially, these days there are a lot of things to consider when determining which policy is perfect for you.

Because of the way we work, Alliance Insurance representatives get to know you before we go ahead and pick insurance for you. Agents have many years of experience and make themselves available seven days a week until 9:00 p.m. There are Spanish fluent agents, and anyone always has the option, beyond being online, of calling a toll-free number.

We Strongly Encourage You to Let Us Compare Rates and Coverage Against Our Competition:

This is one reason why we can have you convinced that we deserve your business. It is this fact and more that make us a leader not just in getting customers initially, but also in keeping them renewing their policies time after time.

Some people like to bundle insurance or at least have their policies in place with all one company. The company is happy to accommodate customers in this way, too. In addition to auto insurance, we also offer homeowners, life, health, commercial and truck, business, boat and marine, motorcycle, and recreational vehicles coverage.

Because we no doubt have convinced you to at least take a look at us, you will love what comes next in our already long list of insurance advantages.

The reality is, for many consumers, the upfront cost of buying auto insurance that requires a big down payment is unrealistic. It simply won’t fit into their monthly budget. The company has the first month free car insurance with low deposits from just $20. This is a plan that allows many people, who would otherwise not be able to afford any coverage, get buy now pay later car insurance that puts them on the road right away. If you have any questions, contact an Alliance insurance agent today. They will assist you with any question or concern you have.

Some of this may not be common knowledge to a customer as not all providers offer these types of policies, and they are not available in every state. Alliance Insurance California, for example, does offer auto insurance with zero down. To find out what companies have the best rates, start your free online quote. Enter a few basic personal details and some info about your vehicle, and you will be matched with the lowest possible rate.

As if that were not enough, we have a variety of discounts from which you may be able to choose. For example, if you are a veteran, past or present, you can consider yourself as having earned a discount.

Are You a Safe Driver?

If you have no tickets, you could save as much as 15% or more. Ask us about our driver safety course for the possibility of even more savings. Speaking of education, we value our good student customers with a Grade Point Average (GPA) that is 3.5 or higher, and we reward them with a discount of approximately 10%.

May You Recall Our Mentioning Bundling Policies Earlier?

Combining automobile coverage and a homeowner’s plan will get you discount, too. Last but not least, speaking of combining, more than one vehicle will get you 5% or more off of your coverage by going with more than one company. You have to be convinced now to at least checkout Alliance Insurance Company, right?


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