You may feel comfortable in a small room but few of us have the condition called claustrophobia that restricts our ability to stay calm in a stuffy room. You need to give the mind an illusion that this room is actually a bigger space.  One does not have to be an illusionist to learn this tactic, the real experts in the field of interior designing know well how to turn a room that is actually small into a space that feels bigger than before.

In this world of possibilities and era of advancement, you can find thousands of ways to beautify the house with an added benefit of spaciousness. The trained and certified experts from a popular remodeling service in Fanwood NJ will guide you about the simple ways to transform a room:

1. The walls and ceiling must be painted white:

Avoid using dark paints in the small rooms because they will make the house look too much small and dingy. If you want the rooms to look like a vast space, then use the most divine color that has been used by royals in all eras of history. 

2. Sleek furniture:

Stuffy sofas and cushions will make the room look quite small, use the type of furniture that is smart and has longer legs. When the legs of a sofa are visible and thin, it can expose all the floor under it that makes your room look bigger and smarter. The more floor we can see, the bigger our mind assumes a space to be. 

3. Thin borders for the windows:

A heavy look for the windows can make your room look so small because these wide frames will cover most of the walls which are essential in a small room. every inch of walls and floor that is exposed in a house, add up to the factor of visibility and expanse. The efficient and best remodeling contractor will ensure a lustrous window design to provide the room a commodious attire. 

4. Lots of mirrors:

Mirrors are the best thing that can cause an illusion for human perception. If there are large mirrors in the room, you will feel that there is more space than the actual physical area of that part of a house. At least 3-4 mirrors are required in a room essentially which you intend to make bigger for the human mind.

5. Metallic storage shelves:

These shelves are extremely useful to keep the decorative items and it does not stuff the room. You can see through the racks which make the room appear big and spacious. Paint these shelves in beautiful bright colors to increase the appeal of your room. 

6. Vertical columns on the walls:

Use paints in a creative way, choose any two colors that can make gorgeous stripes on the walls and belong to the lighter shades family. The combination of pale pink and off white looks grand in a smaller room. 

7. Organize the room:

A cluttered room will never look good and spacious even if you make a perfect big from unorganized, it will start looking small. Use the corners of a room so that you have ample space left in the center to present.  

8. Glossy and light shades of floor:

High quality and reliable home additions include a floor that is light in color and has a glossy surface. This helps in creating a look that feels bigger as compared to the real space in a room. 

9. Floor to ceiling curtains:

Lighter shades and long curtains make the room look quite big and get you a great look for the place. Always go for columns in the curtains so that they give your house an illusion of being big. If you use thick material for curtains and the colors will be dark, the room is going to look more suffocated and small. 

This may sound strange that how can these small changes make a room into a bigger space. It actually does not add any area to the place, but make it look spacious. The human mind can be tricked into thinking about different aspects of any place if you know how to play with it.


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