Every food business needs commercial refrigerators to preserve the food and prevent it from spoilage. However, there is a wide range of commercial refrigerators available in the market. Every business needs to know about their requirements while purchasing the right cooling unit.

The requirements for food businesses are different. Therefore, they need a suitable cooling unit to accommodate and preserve their foods for a long time. One needs to consider many things while buying a commercial refrigerator. Let us know some tips to buy a commercial refrigerator for your business.

Know your requirements

The very first step towards buying a commercial refrigerator is to know your needs. You want it for your kitchen, prep area, or serving area. Some people want it for their retail store to place in the front of the store while others want it for storage of foods. You want to store the ingredients for a recipe, or you want to store packed foods in the refrigerator. There are different units for different requirements. So, knowing your cooling needs is the first step.

Do your research

After determining your requirements, you need to do your research to find out which models are available in the market. For example, if you want a refrigerator for the prep area in your restaurant, you need to check available models for the same purpose.

Size of refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators come in different sizes and shapes. One size cannot fit every requirement, and you need to consider the space where you want to place the unit. Check the area where you need to install the refrigerator and search for the unit that can fit the space perfectly. There should be free space available to move and open the door after placing the refrigerator.

Top or bottom mount condenser

Some refrigerators have top mount condensers while others have a bottom mounted. A condenser is a device in a refrigerator that helps to regulate the temperature. Bottom-mounted condenser units are best to install in areas where maintenance and cleaning are essential. You can see the bottom mounted condenser units in kitchens and bakeries.

Top-mounted condenser units are best for areas where there is a high risk of clogging. They can resist clogging better than units with a bottom mounted condenser. Also, they offer easy access to the food items as the doors extend all the way to floor.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a refrigerator is an essential factor to consider which buying a unit for your businesses. As the fridge is a device that functions 24 x 7, it consumes a significant amount of energy and contributes to your utility bill. There are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star rated appliances in the market. The 3-star refrigerator consumes more electricity than and 4-star and the 5-star consumes the least. It is best to buy a five star rated appliance than a three or four stars rated unit. However, the cost of a 5-star rated appliance is also higher than a 3 and 4 stars rated appliance. You need to consider your budget before making a buying decision.

Type of doors

Commercial refrigerators come with different types of doors. You can have units with solid doors, transparent doors, swing door, pass through and split doors. The swing door units make it easy to load and unload items with its stay open feature.

Split doors have two sections that allow you to open one part to access the foods without opening the entire unit.

A pass-thru door unit has two doors – one at the front and other at the rear side. They are best for installation between the kitchen and serving area.

Units with transparent doors are best to use in the retail stores to make it easy for customers to see the food items. Customers can see the food items in the fridge and pick the ones they want to buy. However, glass doors units are less efficient than solid door units.


You need to maintain the correct temperature to prevent the spoilage of foods in the refrigerator. Some units come with digital thermostats that show accurate readings of temperatures and allow you to maintain the required temperature.

Walk-in refrigerators

In addition to enclosed units, there are walk-in refrigerators that are like small cold storage units. If you have large amounts of foods to store you need to invest in walk-in fridges. However, the maintenance of these units is challenging. You need professional services like cool room repairs gold coast to fix any issue with these refrigerators.

Final Words

These are the tips to choose a commercial refrigerator for your business. The most essential elements to consider are your requirements, food items to be stored, budget, and energy efficiency of the unit. Considering the factors in this post can help any business owner to purchase the right commercial refrigerator.


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