The way you start your morning plays a huge role in how you proceed with the rest of your day. If you wake up feeling grumpy then that is how your day is going to be. Making your day lively and productive entirely depends on you and your attitude. If you think you are a person that tends to focus on the bad instead of the good, we can help you fix your morning routine.

The right type of clothing matters too. Such as having a pile of cheap bath robes to wear after you are done taking a bath is going to become fresh but here are some other cool ways to have a lively morning routine.

5 minutes of stretching:

After you wake up, just do not randomly go out of your bed instead do some stretching. If you think you are going to become very dedicated to stretching then you can buy a yoga mat or you can just stretch your arms and legs by lying on the floor. Just make sure not to twist a muscle or a joint since the pain might persist throughout the day.

Wake up to meditate:

If you think stretching is a bit impossible on an initial level, you can search a few meditation exercises on YouTube and follow them thoroughly. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to make it possible as you have to make sure your mind is at peace when you do it or else it will not have any results.

Never skip breakfast:

Some people have the habit of waking up late each time and in turn, they just tend to forget breakfast. This becomes a part of their routine and somewhere along the way they forget the importance of breakfast. If there is one meal that you should never skip then it is breakfast and many people have acquired the habit to never give it importance. That is entirely wrong as it could play an adverse impact on your health.

Lemon water over coffee:

While it is true that coffee and tea are two great stimulants for having an energetic day but now that has become a myth. Do not drink coffee every time you wake up as doing so has its own side effects too. Instead what you can do is get some fresh lemon and soak them inside a jar of water. Drink the water the next day in the morning and you will feel very fresh.

Get out of bed correctly:

Even if your alarm has rung and there is no time to waste, getting out of bed in a wrong posture can cause problems for the future. Sometimes getting late for work or school is justifiable but risking your health for it is very wrong. Some people tend to get out of bad in a wrong posture then they complain about back or neck pain throughout the day. That needs to be avoided so when you wake up, do not hunch that back ever.


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