Although you can exercise your body using your body weight, lack of knowledge and the desire to use modern equipment has created a multi billion-dollar industry – Gym equipment. However, there are plenty of machines in a gym, and it is not possible for a person to exercise on every machine unless he or she is a professional.

People visiting a gym, especially the beginners, need to know about the machines and their use. If they know about the machines, they can use them to give their body the shape they want. Let us know about some machines that are present in every gym.

Machines for gaining weight:

Bench press:

If you visit a gym to gain weight, the trainers asks you to exercise on the bench press. It can add bulk and increase the muscle mass on your chest. A bench press is an exercise that tones up not only your chest but also your shoulders, arms, and back. It means a complete workout for the upper body.

Squat machine and Leg press:

A squat machine and leg press are different machines, but both offer you the same level of exercise for your legs. Exercising on a squat machine is difficult for beginners due to which the instructors recommend you using the leg press machine.

Rowing machine:

A rowing machine is beneficial both the weight gain and weight loss. Whether you want to lose or increase your weight, you should work out on a rowing machine. It tones up your back muscles and legs and helps you burn significant calories.

Lats Pulley:

If you want to add some definition and shape to your back, there is nothing better then lats pulley. Exercising on lats pulley offers v-shape to your back and also helps you burn fat if you take a low-calorie diet.

Bicep Curl:

People who want to tone their biceps and add volume cannot ignore the importance of bicep curl. Beginners and professionals use a bicep curl machine to tone and gain muscle mass on their biceps. If you use dumbbells with the bicep curl, you can earn significant muscle size within a few months.

Gym machines for Cardio:

Many people want to lose weight, and you can see most people visiting gyms for the same. So let us know about some cardio machines for weight loss.


When it comes to losing weight, nobody can ignore the importance of a treadmill. By running on a treadmill, you get the benefits of running on a track. A treadmill offers you a quick warm up to prepare your body for other exercises. It enables you to burn calories and lose weight when you use it regularly.

Elliptical trainer:

An elliptical trainer enables you to exercise your legs, core, and upper body. It helps you burn calories form the entire body instead of focusing on a single area. An elliptical trainer can be your perfect cardio partner if you work out daily.

Cross trainer:

A cross trainer machine allows you to work out your entire body. You move your legs, arms, core, and back while exercising on a cross trainer.  It offers your body a full range of motion and helps burn fat and gain muscle. The best advantage of using this machine is that a person of any age can use it without the risk of strain on muscles or joints.

Boxing Kit:

If you are fond of boxing, you can use the boxing bag for practicing boxing and kicks. It offers you a fantastic workout for the upper body and improves your boxing skills. You need to use boxing gloves to practice on a boxing bag. The boxing gloves Brisbane protects your hands from getting hurt.

Vibration exercise machine:

A vibration exercise machine is the best machine for people who don’t want to work hard to burn calories. It sends vibrations through your whole body to burn calories and cellulite, which helps you lose weight quickly. The technology sends the vibrations of the right frequency to burn cellulite and fat. The best part is that users of any age can use the vibration exercise machine for cardio.

Stability ball:

A stability ball can offer you the most robust workout if you do it properly. You can practice a variety of exercises on a stability ball like pushups, situps, crunches, Russian twists, etc. You need to maintain the balance on the ball, which makes the workout more intense. Also, known as a medicine ball and gym ball, it can help you lose weight quickly at the gym or home.

Final Words:

These are some of the best gym machines for beginners. You can start using them under the guidance of an instructor. These machines are easy to use for beginners and can help you achiever your ideal weight when you take the right diet regularly.


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