Homeowners need to pant their house after every three to five years. Painting a house makes it look attractive as well as maintain its value. Whether it is a new house or an existing one, painting a house not only improves its visual appeal but also makes it look clean.

However, the quality of paint depends on the workers who paint a house. So it is essential to choose the right painters to paint your home. You need to consider many things while selecting the painters for your home. Let us have a look at what things need to be considered.

Explore your options:

There is no shortage of residential painters in the market; however, you should look for reputed contractors with clean and clear work experience. There is no guarantee that the random names you search on the internet are reputable contractors. It is best to use the online as well as offline resources to explore all the available options.

Get multiple bids:

Once you choose four to five contractors, you need to get bids to see which company offers you the best services and prices. You should not choose the contractor with the lowest bid, as it can be the worst way to select a company. Collect three to five bids from contractors and compare them in terms of experience, services, pricing and customer feedback.


Nobody likes to get the work done by newbies or freshers. Ask the experience of the contractors while communicating with them about your project. Never hire a contractor to paint your house with less than five years of experience in offering residential paint services. More the experience more the best quality they can deliver in their work.


It is essential to hire a licensed contractor as painters with a license have permissions to offer services to people. The licensed contractors comply with the regulations of the state that are made for the safety of their citizens. Licensed professionals have all the knowledge, qualifications and expertise required for offering services to the general public.

Insured services:

Paint job involves several risks like the risk of falls, risk of inhaling harmful paints and chemicals. In the painters are not insured, the homeowner might be held liable for any harm to painters while working in a property. Therefore, homeowners should always hire a contractor with insured services and workers.

In case a worker falls from a ladder or gets harmed while painting in a property, the homeowner is liable for any harm. The insurance company pays compensation for the injury to workers and damage to property depending on the terms and condition of the insurance policy.

Equipment they use:

The quality of the paint job also depends on the tools and equipment that painters use to paint your house. Some contractors use simple and cheap tools that are not enough to paint with high quality. Moreover, they are also not safe for workers. Instead, look for contractors that use state-of-the-art tools to paint your house. The residential painters Alexandria use advanced tools that are safe for workers and enable them to paint with high quality that every homeowner desire for their home.

Pricing and Quotes:

If you choose four to six reputed contractors, the pricing of all will differ in many ways. Some will offer you extra services at a high price. Some will provide you with limited services and only the paintwork at reasonable pricing. You need to compare their services, benefits and costs. The one you choose depends on your budget as well as requirements.

Ask for referrals:

Nothing is powerful as word of mouth. Every time people purchase a phone or any other gadget, they ask their friends about various models they have used whether they are good or not. Similarly, you need to contact the previous customers of the contractors to know about their experience.

Ask the contractors to provide you with the contact details of their previous customers. Reject the contractors that refuse to offer you with the same. Then contact the referrals you get to ask them about the services of contractors and their experience with them.

Visit a customer:

Ask customers who offer you the most positive feedback that you want to visit their home to have a look at the work of the contractor. Most customers will agree to invite you for the same. Then visit the customer’s house to see the paint done by the contractor. Also, meet them and ask about the price and quality of services. You need to do it for at least one customer per contractor.

Compare again:

After visiting a customer’s home for every contractor, you need to compare all the things to take the final decision. You should analyse the experience of the customers you visit, quality or paint job you see at their homes and the price every contractor offers you. Now you should select a contractor whose work you like the most and not the one with the lowest price.

Final words:

These are the factors you should consider while choosing a residential painter. The residential painters Alexandria offer high-quality services are reasonable prices. If you are located in or around Alexandria, you can look online to find the best contractor based on the above points. Following the points in this post can help homeowners to select the best residential painter to paint their home.


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