The drop ceiling is one of the most popular ceiling solutions for commercial and residential places. In the 21st century the majority of the houses and commercial businesses install drop ceilings in different rooms of their property. Normally, people consider installing drop ceilings in their basements to conceal wires and pipes. The drop ceilings are also known as false ceilings, suspended ceilings and drop down ceilings that are installed below the actual ceilings.

The main reason behind the popularity and usage of drop ceiling over drywalls are the more advantages and beautiful outlook. The drop ceilings are cost-effective, allow you to access wires & duct works easily after the installation and are easy to install. These reasons give a strong reason to install drop ceilings at your home or business.

Drop ceilings also provide acoustic absorption, disguise a ceiling that isn’t properly levelled and heat insulation. The cost of a drop ceiling depends on different factors including whether you are willing to install the drop ceilings by your own or seeking help from a professional.  The drop ceiling cost can be anywhere between 100s to thousands of dollars depending on various factors.

There are many ways through which you can determine the exact cost/installation of the drop ceilings out of which some are discussed in this blog.

Do It Yourself Cost

Around 70 per cent people prefer to install the drop ceilings by themselves to avoid the extra expense. It is not difficult to install drop ceilings by your own self. You just need to watch a couple of videos on YouTube to know some basic points. The cost of doing it yourself depends on the material and the size of your room. To calculate the cost per square foot you need to consider the following steps

  • Measure the panel size of ceilings
  • Know the dimension of your room
  • Determine the joist direction of your room
  • Go for the suspended ceiling grid calculator and put all the calculated values to know the actual cost of the material.

Professional Installation

The method that is used to make the work easier is hiring the professional person for the installation of drop ceilings. There are many people who are claiming to be professional and it could be hard to make the right decision. You can simply check for the reviews on the internet and the professional license to ensure whether they are certified or not. Always take a quote without the material from the different professionals and always choose the quality material.

Cost To Install Ceiling Tiles

The price of ceiling tile varies from quality to prices. the ceiling tiles cost 116 dollars for a low or medium quality and goes maximum for 142 dollars. If you are going with the labours than the average cost you will have to bear will be 245 dollars that can go maximum to 398 dollars depending on the rooms and the total tiles you want to install. The cost for the total material that will be needed for the project starts from 245 dollars for an average home and ends on 398 dollars for a luxurious home.



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