There are various ways thesun affects our vehicles including the exterior and interior.Every car owner knows how car covers protect the car from the sun. We should have a look at the damages of heat and the sun. The drivers often know ways to protect the car but don’t know how the entire car gets old due to the sun and how it melts plastic, rubber trims,seat covers, and metal panels. We have the top 10 ways to help you protect your car from the sun.

1. Car Cover:

The car cover is essential for a vehicle whether the vehicle is in a garage or in an uncovered parking area. The cover must be weatherproof with ample layers and the material has to be breathable.The heat really melts the rubber gaskets of car doors and windshields and we have to change them because the doors don’t function well. Sometimes the door stops working or gets fused shut especially if the car has not been used for long. All these issues need a cover to resolve them.

2. Apply Wax:

Wax blocks the sun to a certain extent and the UV rays become less damaging. The wax also protects the car from dirt, pollution, and grit that often stay on the exterior.

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3. Cover the Glass with Windshields:

Poor windshields often melt due to heat and water starts leaking from it. We must use durable windshields that can withstand high heat and can protect us from the sun. The Car Cover World provides high-quality windshields which are always functional. Both car covers and windshields protect our vehicles in extremely hot weather.

4.Use Umbrella Covers For Public Areas:

In open parking grounds, the car cover is the only way to protect it from the sun. But when you have to park the car in a public area even for a while, you should use umbrella type cover because ordinary covers would look odd.

5. Park under the shade:

Always park your car under the shade because the heat also affects the car interior. Whether it is hot air or sun, theseat covers are damaged if we don’t use high- quality covers or if we don’t park the vehicle under a roof. The hot air and high inner temperature do not only destroy the interior but it may cause sunstroke or may damage the skin of the driver or passengers. The use of the best car cover is essential; still, you must park the car in a garage.

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6. Don’t Smoke In The Car:

 There are other dangers of high temperature like what if you have a gas lighter in the car because you smoke and it burns due to heat and the interior starts burning. Avoid keeping the lighters in the dashboard or if you can’t live without smoking, keep a matchbox. When the seat covers are of cotton, they will have less damage than canvas covers. Though good clothes and drinking enough water can protect us from heat stroke, still we have to use the car covers for vehicle protection.

7. Have Extra Covers:

You can also place extra covers on the car seats to further protect it from the sun. Try to travel in the evenings instead of in the afternoon. Use high-quality car covers as available on the Car Cover World because it sells the best products including all types of covers, sun shields, tool kits, bumper head, front lights, and other accessories.

8. Wash Regularly:

A regular wash will keep the car fit for driving and you won’t have to spend much on its maintenance. Clean your car in a garage and avoid the sun. Dry the car with a soft cloth and don’t cover it with a car cover until it is fully dry.

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9. Check the Tires Regularly:

Check the tires regularly and change them if their rubber is affected by heat. The pressure of the tire must be good enough to drive.

10. Use Dash Covers:

The heat often melts the dashboard plastic and the driver finds it hard to hold the steering wheel as it becomes too hot. We can’t even sit inside the car due to hot seats because the inside temperature often becomes 145 degree Fahrenheit. Use high-quality dashboard covers along with car covers.


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