Kitchen Scales Buyers Guide

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Why Buy A Kitchen Scale?

Kitchen scales used to be a luxury item when hours upon hours were spent in the kitchen preparing and cooking. There just wasn’t the need for kitchen scales as the recipes were made so often that the quantities could be guessed with great accuracy.

Today, things are slightly different. Recipes can be found just about everywhere you go. The need to try new ideas, recipes and food is commonplace in today’s society. For those of us who do not cook and bake with the expertise of a Japanese sushi chef, a kitchen scale is a necessary piece of equipment to have to try out these new recipes.  Kitchen Scales is different from other types of scales like postal scale, bathroom scale, etc… Having a kitchen scale to hand takes the guesswork out of just how much flour is in a cup and also ensure (well almost ensure!) a successful end product.

Types of Kitchen Scales:

There are two types of kitchen scales, each having their own variations. Mechanical kitchen scales use a mechanical mechanism inside to weigh the product. The weight is then displayed via a needle on a clock face displaying the weight, very similar to a wall clock. Digital or electronic kitchen scales have no moving parts and rely on batteries or solar power. The weight of the product being weighed is displayed on a digital display. Digital scales can be more compact and lighter than their mechanical counterparts.

Mechanical Kitchen Scales:

Mechanical scales tend to be less accurate than their electronic counterpart due to the mechanical makeup of the scale. This is true for the bottom and mid-range mechanical scales. Industrial mechanical scales costing hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds can be as accurate as any electronic scale. For the likes of you and me who will be using these scales for baking and cooking on a daily basis, such accuracy is not really an issue and reasonable prices mechanical scale will do the job perfectly. Removable dish, Stainless steel, Robust No need for batteries, Never let you down, Backup when digital scales let you down, Add and weigh.

Digital Kitchen Scales:

Digital scales are generally smaller, lighter and more accurate than mechanical scales. As there are no moving parts they often last a long time. It will be necessary however to change the batteries at regular intervals and maybe even have a set of cheap mechanical scales as a backup should you get caught short.

Removable dish, Stainless steel, Plastic, Add and weigh.


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