Malik Riaz is that one name which has done extremely well in the field of developing world-class communities to the size of cities which can undoubtedly stand upfront against any other world class structure. Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain has further covered a big journey of struggle and hard work and this is something which made his earn the trust and faith of millions of Pakistanis in the process. Well, it’s not just about the business aspect and he has shown his contributions towards the humanity by getting indulged in various charitable acts around. He himself wants to be remembered as a philanthropist and not just businessman. Thus, the overall credit for the big growth and development of Bahria town certainly goes to his hardcore efforts and commitment along with blessings of almighty Allah.

Mr. Malik riaz hussain was born in the city of Sialkot within a middle-class family. Whilst he was just 19, his father’s business collapsed and he went into situations he wasn’t familiar with.  In 1969, he jumped into the field of construction business whilst starting his career as a contractor with some borrowed money from his friends under a small military contract. The same contractor then led the foundations of one of the biggest and largest real estate development empire with the name Bahria town,

Within those years, he didn’t have any assets to his name and was just making his ends meet by some means or other. It was then between the year 1969 to May 1986, when his financial situation started improving slowly whilst he started entertaining some of the smaller projects in the meantime. Even when he was struggling with his finances, he religiously set aside 2.5% of his income for charity (zakat), at the advice of one of his friend.

In 1996 he finally reached to the top of his career whilst taking Bahria Town to greater heights with collaboration with the Bahria Foundation of Pakistan Navy but for some reasons, the navy decided to quit form the same venture after two years. It was then when Mr. Hussain bought half of the shares from the army along with all the rights to name it as a private limited company. That was where bahria town jumped onto greater horizons whilst becoming the “Asia’s largest private real estate developer”.

If we talk about some of his philanthropic initiatives; he has delivered fully constructed homes to all the flood victims in the form of a  Modern Village, established hundreds of Dastarkhwan’s across whole Pakistan where more than 100,000 get fed with 2 free meals all around the year, more than 10,000 children get free education in his funded school and he has also set up an  orphanage home with all the required facilities like complete boarding, lodging, and educational facilities , whilst bringing other major facilities of all the old people.

Bahria Town has further provided medical treatments to lot of people and patients in the Bahria Town hospitals and continues his charitable acts like Shaukat Khanum Memorial, Al-Shifa Trust Edhi Foundation, SOS Village and much more. Bahria Town has always been at the front end every time the country needed him at the time of any natural calamities and catastrophic events.

Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town can certainly be quoted as a man who is larger than life and he has been the face behind the transformation of Pakistan’s real estate sector in the past few years.


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