Soda PDF is not a new name in the PDF readers market, it has been there for a long time now. It is known to offer a great experience making it a good choice or users who work around PDF files. Meeting customer expectations and evolving continuously is the brand’s vision and it appears to be quite successful in meeting it.

Soda PDF editor has gone through many upgradations and today it stands out for its amazing features. 

With its supreme security features and security protocol you no longer have to be worried about the security of your confidential data. 

Soda PDF reader helps you to keep your files organized and managed. It is a game-changer when it comes to eBook reading. Along with an amazing eBook reading environment, it offers many other features like bookmarks, comments, multiple reading modes. and annotation. 

Continue reading to find out why Soda PDF reader is the ultimate PDF reader for you. 

1. SodaPDF Electronic-signature:

The world has become a global village, and businesses are moving towards globalization, too. Now business contracts can include participants from all over the world. 

Soda PDF offers Soda E-Sign feature that helps people sign business agreements or contract digitally. It save the trouble of sending the document physically that can be a time consuming and costly process. 

E-sign is a fast and secure way to electronically sign your document using any of your digital devices. 

2. SodaPDF 30 Day Free Trial version:

Not sure if you will be compatible with the interface and features of SodaPDF?

Well, try a 30 day completely free version to get an insight into the features and interface of the software. You can try out features and test the interface to make sure it meets your quality requirements.

There are some premium features that are only available in the paid version. However, using a free version will give you an idea about the product and its features. Once you make up your mind, you can sign up for the paid version to enjoy all the premium features. 

3. Provide Professional services:

SodaPDF is built to optimize your documentation work and performance. With its user-friendly interface, it speeds up your work. You can create professional documents and save them on the cloud to assure easy and remote access to your files.

Other incredible professional services Soda PDF reader offers to include:

  •  Password encryption
  •  File conversion
  •  Digital certificates
  •  File accessing roles

4. Great eBook Reading Environment:

The most recent version of SodaPDF uses page-flipping technology to provides 3D reading capabilities to users. With this feature, SodaPDF has gained a competitive advantage over other PDF readers since there are very few PDF readers out there that offer such a reading experience. 

Other reading options include annotations, jump to page option, bookmarks, and comments, etc.

Bottom line:

To conclude, due to its professional touch and quality performance SodaPDF has made its place among the top-notch PDF readers. Install it immediately to change the way you see PDF readers. 


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