Most custom CNC machining shops can machine any part because they have a team of experienced operators who can use an array of CNC machines to produce complicated and precise parts. However, the question from their clients is always about making the part in the most cost-effective way possible.

Here are the common issues that affect making custom CNC parts and their costs.

Avoiding Going Back to the Drawing Board:

One of the challenges in custom CNC machining is not the process itself but in preparing to do the work. We are referring to making sure that both the machinist and the design engineer are meeting eye to eye. The machinist’s responsibility once they receive the drawing is to make sure that the product can be made, how it can be made, and what are its essential attributes to determine the machine.

In reality, not all that is on paper can be made on the machine.

More Steps May be Required:

One of the most common challenges custom CNC machining is deburring of components that have very small attributes. With a part so small, it is difficult for the machine to get into the tiny spaces inside the part physically. It may need a secondary process to achieve finishing the client wants.

Simple Features That May Require Complicated Machining:

There are some issues with CNC machining that may occur within the process. Sometimes, when creating a hole that should be in the dead center can challenging, but once the company figured out the best technique, it can be easy.

Material Matters:

In custom CNC machining services, the choice of the material is a critical consideration. There can be lots of examples. For instance, what is in the drawing may be a significant part to machine only to find out that what the engineer wants is to make a part out of a material that not everyone can machine well like Tungsten.

Even for an expert machinist, even if the drawing specified what CNC machine to use, whether it is a mill or lathe, it can be very challenging to complete the part exactly how the customer wants it.

Communication is the Key:

Finally, an expert CNC machinist can figure out how to resolve these issues with communication. By working with their engineers, the company can combine their expertise with accurate drawings from the clients to determine the right CNC machining service for the project. To come up with a viable solution, there is a need for good communication between the machinist and the design engineer.


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