Drinks should be an indispensable part of the diet in the summer term. Climate change has increased the temperature range of warm areas into more warmer. The heatwaves have been increasing it ranges every passing year. Summer drinks are vital to sustaining good health, and prevent heatstroke and also to remain hydrated during summer. Here top five homemade drinks recipes are stated to beat the heat in the summer season. These include watermelon juice, lassi, lemonade, Aam Panna, and wood apple juice.

1. Watermelon Juice:

Melon is a naturally gifted fruit during summer. The palate of melon is unbeatable. Melon is liked in almost all the countries of the world. Cut the melon into the piece. The melon pieces should be stored inside the fridge to become cool and refreshing. When melon become cold and refreshing, squeeze the pieces into the juicer and separate the seeds from inside the melon. You can use ice makers to turn it into slushy appearance or add some ice cubes in it. This is the best homemade drink to beat the heat.

2. Lassi:

Lassi is the traditional summer drink of the South Asian region. Lassi is the best fighter to heatwaves. The regular use of lassi drink prevents from heatstroke and it also covers the minerals deficiency in the human body. Lassi is made from yogurt, consequently it is also called yogurt drink. The yogurt is mixed with cold water and blended in a juicer. You can add either sugar or salt in it depended upon your links of taste. Some people like sugar mixed lassi and others prefer salt mixed lassi. Both the equally beneficial to beat the heat.

3. Aam Panna:

Aam Panna is the best homemade drink to fight the summer season weaknesses. Aam Panna is made up using raw mango slices and adding sugar and spices in it. Blend the mixture of three in the juicer and add some ice cubes. The fresh and cold juice is best to beat the heat in the summer season. This is best homemade juice for summer to prevent tuberculosis, cholera. This is also beneficial to prevent anemia and dysentery in the summer season.

4. Lemonade:

Lemonade is the best homemade summer drink. The summer heat waves reduce the hydration from the human body. You can make lemonade juice by squeezing fresh lemons in the jug and adding cold water in it. After stirring, you must add some sugar and salt in the mixture. After completing the process add some more water so that in total you can make three to four glasses of juice. This is the best homemade summer drink.

5. Wood Apple Juice:

The wood apple juice is best for the summer season. Although this is not so famous it is best in terms of nutrients and ingredients. Take the wood apple, open it quite carefully. Take out the pulp from the wood apple, and add some sugar in it. Put this mixture in the grinder and run the machine until it becomes slushy.


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