Preservation of food and drinks is a creative mindset used for the storage of edibles. The commercialization of agriculture has facilitated people with food surplus. They need various methods and techniques to store these edibles for a prolonged time period. Best six ways to conserve food and beverages at home are freezing, salt curing, dehydrating, cold storage and absorption in alcohol.


Freezing is the latest way found out after the manufacturing of freezers. For example; the small upright freezer is best suitable for drinks, ice creams, snacks, and others items. Large freezers are used for storing maximum edibles in it. You can pack food and store it in a deep freezer for weeks. Things which are usually preserved in deep freezers are milk, cheese, beef, chicken, butter, fish and eggs. Sometimes fruits and vegetables are frozen if these are needed to prolong their shelf life.

2. Salt Curing

This is ages old technique yet still relevant. The salt curing method is usually adopted to preserve fish and pork. All you have to do is marinate a salt on fish or pork and place it in a glass container. Beef and mutton are also preserved in this way.

3. Canning

Canning is also hundreds of years old method but still in use. There are two ways of canning; water bath method and pressure canning method. Water bath canning method is used to preserve acidic materials like fruits, jellies, pickling, jams, and syrups. While the pressure canning method is used to store non-acidic materials like food, vegetables, meat, sauce, salsas, and soups etcetera.

4. Cold Storage

Cold storage method is beneficial for the storage of roots corps. For example; potatoes, carrots, cabbages, and other roots corps are well-maintained in a cold and dry place. It will be more beneficial if the place is damp and dark. Roots corps can retain their shelf life better in cold and dark place.

5. Dehydrating

Dehydrating is a simple yet beneficial method to preserve edibles. In the dehydrating method, it is vital that place should be cold, dry and dark. In this way, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and meat can be conserved to extend their shelf life.

6. Absorption In Alcohol

This is not a very old yet adopted method to preserve food items for a longer period. Many fruits and herbs are marinated within the alcohol to gain their extract. One can use this method to gain the extract of mint, lemon and vanilla even at home. This is a simple way to produce extract at home. All you need is a jar in which you place alcohol and store fruits or herbs in it.

These were the six best ways to preserve foods and drinks at home. Anyone can utilize any of these techniques at home to create their own preservation collection. Food storage will lessen your worry to purchase edible daily. You can make storage for one or two weeks and even longer save your time from daily purchase.


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