The web application firewall is a way of protecting sites from malicious attacks. There are always people on the internet that try to earn money by using shortcuts. These people want to become rich in no time. Thus, they use this type of attack. There are also many hacker groups in the world.

These groups only want to have their influence on the internet. They want their demands to be met. They perform attacks in order to get attention and to get their terms agreed. These include many dangerous hacker groups. This is a complete guide on what is waf.

Why is there a need for WAF?

Today, the world has progressed much in the field of technology. Man’s interest has always resulted in deep research about things. When a new invention is made, the opposite thing is also generated to counter it. With a positive thing, there is also a negative thing to balance its effect. The world has progressed much in the field of technology.

Most of the business today is taking place online. With this increase in business, the transactions made on the web have also increased. Thus, the market is vast. This poses a great threat of theft and negative ways to steal that money. To ensure the safety of the users, the field of cyber security emerged. Cyber security is aimed at making a safe and reliable environment online.

Thus, there is a need for a web application firewall. Web application firewall protects the site from malicious attacks. It filters the HTTP traffic going into and coming out of the site. This step ensures that the data of the users are safe on the site and the site also remains trusted.

What are the different types of WAFs?

  • Blacklist WAF is intended for catching the attackers. It is a kind of barrier between the user and the site. It checks for malicious code and filters that out. It also knows about the popular ways of attacking, and thus it can prevent the site from getting attacked.
  • White list WAF is the opposite of blacklist WAF. The intention of both the WAFs is the same. This type of WAF knows the set of rules and conditions which should be fulfilled in order to give access to the webpage.

What are the benefits of online WAF tools?

Many trusted companies had made their WAF tools for website owners. These are safe and reliable. Many popular blogs use these tools to protect their sites from unauthorized access. The actual benefit of these tools is that these are much easier to use. If you want to use WAF on your own, then it will be a much difficult job to do. You can let the specialists and technicians do the job for you.

You can enjoy such services by spending only a small amount of money. But this step is really important for maintaining a positive image of your brand. These tools provide you with live data so you can monitor the data easily.


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