We are all familiar with electricians and what they do for you. However, did you know about mobile auto electricians? Well, if not, here is all that you need to know about them.

Who Is An Auto Electrician?

The simple answer to who is an auto electrician is, they are the electricians who specialize in electrical systems contained in vehicles and automobiles. Whenever something in your car goes wrong, such as when your windows do not work properly or when the headlights do not work, a mobile auto electrician is who you go to. Their working involves identifying faults , repair electrical wiring’s and electronic errors in the vehicles . A good and proficient electrician would be able to work on different makes and models of vehicles like mining cars, trailers, trucks, earth moving equipment etc. 

The job of any mobile auto electrician is a blue-collared job. For anyone who can work with their hands and likes to work with their hands can opt for the job. Furthermore, this job is perfect for those who hate the idea of sitting in a place and working. Since the work requires you to move around a lot, you won’t have to sit in a single place for long.

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Auto Electrician Duties And Responsibilities:

Here is all that you need to know about the duties and responsibilities involved:

  • Lighting- If you are facing any issues with the lighting system of the vehicle, then the auto electrician will be helpful. Since the mobile auto electricians are on the go and they can reach your place , hence availing their services becomes easier than taking the vehicle to the service center. An electrician helps in setting up the headlights, figuring out if the alignment of the headlights is correct or not and figure out if there have been any other issues with your car’s lighting, be it indoors or outdoors.
  • Repair– Apart from fixing the issues with the lighting of your car, they also help you in repairing the problems. Since auto electricians have the correct knowledge of various things and complexities in your car, they can easily understand what to do with problems. Repairing services by the electricians can help in maintaining your car and can help in maintaining the condition of your car.
  • Diagnosis of problems– Another area where these mobile auto electricians can be helpful is in the diagnosis of the problems with the vehicle. Although auto electricians are adept in handling pretty much everything and can figure out what kind of problems your car may be facing, they can help you in diagnosing the issues. What’s more is that, when you take your car to them, they will try to figure out what is wrong with your car. They will perform an inspection and then tell you what can be the remedy for it. 
  • Installation– Once the inspection of your car is done and the auto electrician understands what has to be repaired and what has to be changed, they will find the right parts befitting your car’s model to add to it. You will be able to find repairs or replacements for any part of your car that makes use of electricity.

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Other Duties And Responsibilities:

Here is a list of other duties and responsibilities of an auto electrician:

  • Undertake inspections to find the problems
  • Install new interior electrical systems
  • Operate hand and power tools
  • Check the alignment and the intensity of the headlights
  • Perform diagnostic electrical tests as per the requirements

With that said, an auto electrician should also have the technical know-how and understanding of electrical systems in the car and how to work them. Without the correct knowledge, a technician will not be able to help those in need and may actually cause more harm than good.

If you wish to be an auto electrician, you do not need an extensive degree. All you need is a 12th graduation certificate or GED.

What Does It Need To Become A Mobile Auto Electrician?

Apart from basic education qualification, one need to be acquainted with the standard practices, materials, parts of the vehicle, equipment trade, assemble, repair or electric parts, fuel system. They must also have knowledge about the electrical wiring diagram. In addition, one is required to have the strength to lift less than 35 pounds, they must be able to do back and leg coordination, like crouching, stooping, crawling, kneeling etc. All these are helpful in performing their work efficiently. 

Make sure that you also take the necessary licence and registration to work as a mobile auto electrician. 


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