Sometimes it is hard to live in the expensive world. The high expensive clothes, shoes and other daily accessories can be the reason your budget get out. Any expensive item when get ruined couldn’t be repaired due to out of budget prices. Designer jeans are one of those clothing items that can’t be affordable if it gets ruined. The problem with your high expensive jeans could be a small size and large waist or small waist and large size. These problems are generally found and can be resolved without investing any money.

Instead of saving money or searching for new designer’s jeans wholesale the USA to get your jeans repaired. No one wants to waste their money especially when they can do the things themselves. This blog will let you know the key steps through which you can resize your jeans.

Method to Follow:

Mostly the jeans are resized from the back and rivets from the side pockets. To resize your jeans always take care about the symmetry, drape and inches you need to resize. Sometimes the resizing is not limited to jeans, you can also adjust the legs of jeans, and can make them narrow from the hip side. You will need seamier, needle, thread, iron/board, ruler, pins, sewing machine, chalk, patience and good lighting.  The starting step you need to follow are

  • Use safety pin once you remove back carriers.
  • Remove the stitching according to your waist from the center back waistband.
  • Remove all threads and undo the entire vertical back seam

The Important Step:

After you start the beginning to resize your jeans you will need to press the seams. After you press out the seams consider folding the lines. It couldn’t be fully removed but the better you will do it the better your work will get easier. The top further steps you need to follow are

  • Mark The Ares to Be Resized: Now, you have to draw the chalk lines on the area that needs to be resized. Always measure the raw edge distance and the area you need to resize.
  • Cut Along the Lines: You need to cut along the lines you have marked. Sew the fold in the way that it could cover the old stitching hole.
  • Use of Machine: Test your machine before you start your resizing process. Assembled the matching jeans thread into your machine. Remember to go not to fast or slow or else your machine needle will get broken.
  • Sewing: Continue sewing in the perfect line direction to get perfect result. As you start getting near to the horizontal yoke seam, remember to confirm that the fold is in the right place.

Resize The Waistband:

Now is the final step to resize your jeans. All you need is to flip band inside out and pin away according to your choice from the sewing area. Stitch after you decrease the stitch length and use the fade line as a guide. Press open ends where the old open lines were and create the new ones. Make sure that you are satisfied with all the fold placements. At the end use the medium grits and check for the undistressed transitions.


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