If you have heard that Flash is dead, you have heard it right. By the end of 2020, Flash is definitely going to be a thing of the past, as Adobe is all set to end support for it. In its wake, HTML5 E-Learning authoring tools are in place as an industry standard. Therefore, it is imperative for all E-Learning professionals to be well-versed with all the best E-Learning content authoring tools. 

This post sheds light on 3 extremely popular HTML5 E-Learning authoring tools, contemporarily used in the E-Learning industry:

1. Elucidat:

Designed to help dynamic E-Learning professionals to create high quality content, Elucidat is a fully responsive, cloud-based content authoring tool. It helps authors unleash their full capabilities through free, round-the-clock support. Elucidat comes with a well-stocked library of a wide range of pre-built templates that enable even novice authors to render highly interactive and engaging E-Learning experiences.  

Elucidat E-Learning output features:

  • Unique layout designer feature for building your own pages with no need of coding
  • A wide range of interactions, rules, badges and branches
  • Out-of-the-box pages as well as flexibility to create your own pages
  • User-friendly WYSIWYG interface
  • Powerful learning analytics dashboard
  • Being cloud-based, it offers ease to multiple authors to carry out the same project at a time
  • Best variation management that simplifies working at scale
  • Advanced, ultra-sophisticated and hassle-free translation process
  • Speed, efficiency and scalability
  • Dedicated support team as part of the package chosen 

2. Articulate Storyline:

Leveraging the look and feel of PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline is a Windows desktop application. If the authors are familiar with Power Point, using this tool is a breeze. Loaded with a modest learning curve, it offers flexibility like no other. 

Articulate Storyline enables E-Learning content creators to deliver engaging and highly customized content. Just like PowerPoint, the authors using Storyline can control each and every theme page through slide masters and project colours. The things on Articulate Storyline are very flexible but tricky to have a control on consistent branding over different courses.      

Articulate Storyline E-Learning output features:  

  • Unmatched flexibility and control regarding the content output
  • Amazing speed and efficiency of authoring
  • Easy invocation of auto page navigation with media start/pause
  • Export features for pulling out text from a particular course to aid translation.  
  • Show Me, Try Me and Test Me software simulation ability 

3. Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online:

Lectora is one of the oldest Windows desktop content authoring tools. Recently, its cloud-based HTML5 version called ‘Lectora Online’ has been launched. This tool is well-known for its great flexibility. Knowing it well before starting to use can make content creators deliver the most powerful and engaging eLearning experience.  

Lectora comes loaded with many pre-built interaction templates. Using the development interface, some aspects of these templates can be fully tweaked or changed as per requirement, while other ones might need a graphic package to serve the purpose.   

Lectora eLearning output features:  

    • Using Lectora, authors can create good looking and powerful web-style content
    • Being cloud-based, it enables a Review and Comment feature that incredibly speeds up your iterations while hoarding comments from different stakeholders in one place
    • Advanced translation feature to help authors scale a particular course into multiple languages
    • Absolutely free access to eLearning Brothers Library of graphics
    • Scores heavily over others in terms of screen capture and simulations
  • Loaded with highly smooth and functional online reviewer collaboration tool, making use of ReviewLink.


Sometimes it might be difficult to zero in on any particular HTML5 eLearning authoring tool, as there is so much overlap in the tools’ overall functionalities. Your decision is made easier when you know the requirement, quality and scale on which you want to produce eLearning content. 

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