Proper maintenance of Dental health is as important as fulfilling other health needs. It is suggested that every person should learn proper oral health in early stages so to tackle various mouth diseases like Cavity, plague, yellowish teeth and bad smell. Research has found that 95% of the Indian population suffers from gum problems, in which 50%of Indians doesn’t use a toothbrush.

However, A surprising fact has come out that 70% of Indian children carry cavities in their mouth. Moreover, this problem is skyrocketing at an alarming rate. Maybe this problem is occurring due to a lack of knowledge regarding proper methods of maintaining good oral health. So keeping in mind to solve this problem, we have made a complete list of best toothpaste in India which will surely help you in improving your dental health.



Pepsodent is a well-known and popular brand in India. This toothpaste aims at improving the overall health of your mouth with its antibiotic and herbal formula. However, it is an American brand but has captured a huge part of the Indian market. However, PEPSODENT is a multiproduct line brand. They also manufacture toothbrush along with toothpaste. With “pepsin” as the main ingredient in their toothpaste, they have a unique idea in the whole market. “PEPSIN” helps in breakdown of undigested food which gets stuck between the teeth. Besides breaking down undigested food it also helps to fight cavity and germs present in the mouth.

  1. Colgate

Colgate is one of the best toothpaste in India for proper maintenance of your mouth. Its strong teeth formula will help you to resurrect your white back and also battle with a cavity. Now smile with your full confidence. Even Colgate has been known in India also to run scholarship programs, this toothpaste has helped a lot of students to get education big institutes. Maybe this the only reason that it has covered a major share in the Indian market. However, Colgate is also a multi-product line brand. Colgate also sells toothbrush, mouthwash, and Toothpowder along with toothpaste.

  1. Oral -B

Oral-b has been known to sell toothbrush but it also produces toothpaste. However, oral-b toothpaste is also recommended by a dentist. It helps in the fighting cavity, tarter. Its special activated ingredients also remove the yellow color of the teeth and giving fresh breath. But it is important to note that this toothpaste is not made for children’s use as it contains 1450ppm fluoride which is too strong for most children. It is recommended for children above 7+ years old.

  1. Patanjali Dant Kanti

Patanjali Dant Kanti is also an effective toothpaste for gum protection, cavity protection, and fresh breath. It consists of natural ingredients like neem, clove, neem, etc. It is an ayurvedic toothpaste. At first use, you get shocked as it is a first toothpaste which has brown color but the foam is white. But soon after washing mouth you feel fresh breath and white teeth with the magnificent smell of clove and other natural herbs.

  1. Forever Bright teeth gel

Forever is a well-known brand for selling natural health products. Its toothpaste is a very effective solution for fighting dental products. It is made of all-natural products especially aloe vera which is not found in other toothpaste. especially thing which makes it different from other toothpaste which is available in the market is that its low fluoride formula. Usually, the majority of toothpaste available in the market have Flouride in a large amount. Fluoride can lead to many health problems if swallowed.

We wish this list has helped you a lot. Going to a dentist may result in a big bill for treatment. So this was the only reason for creating this list. You can take care of your teeth by choosing an effective and efficient toothpaste. However, you can choose any toothpaste given in the above list. You can rely on them confidently without any doubt as toothpaste above given toothpaste are the best toothpaste brands available in India right now.




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