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How to hire a professional product photographer


When you launch a business, you are trying to sell something to the people. It can be a service or a product that you hatched in your office. In this age, where the internet and social media have taken the markets by storm, and the digital marketing is at its peak, you need to make the right choice when it comes to your products.

Making a product is entirely different than promoting the product. The process of promotion requires a lot of energy, skill, and creativity to carve the product into the hearts of the audience perfectly. To achieve this eluding task, you must make sure of one thing! That is the image of the product. That’s where the professional commercial photographers come in.

The job of these photographers is to take high-quality pictures of your product in unique and creative ways that will appeal to the general audience. The quality and style of the photograph of the product will determine how original and attractive it feels to the audience. The higher the quality, the higher the interaction of the customers with the product. It’s plain and simple; nobody likes unattractive products, period!

There are a lot of photographers in St. Petersburg, FL, and it can be a daunting task to hire the right one that suits your business and product. Below we will guide you on what questions you need to ask a photographer and things to look out for to hire the best one that suits your needs:


This should be the first question you should ask the photographer. What type of equipment do you work with? A professional photographer should have a wide array of equipment that he uses to capture your product in perfection. You need a photographer that has high-quality equipment that will produce high-quality pictures.

A mere camera and a lens do not make one a professional. There are lights, tripods, timers, a variety of lenses, and so much more. The photographer is only as good as his staging skills. He needs to know how to stage your product to get the maximum oomph out of it!

Number of Pictures:

This is all the money talk. You need pictures for your product, and the photographer will capture them for you. The question here is, “How many in how much?” Some photographers will charge different rates based on the number of pictures they capture and produce in a day or hour. You need the most images out for your product, as they say, “the more, the merrier!”

One thing to make sure is, don’t just go for the number of pictures the photographer is giving you. Also, note the quality. If you have a hundred captures of your product that have no style or quality, they are just garbage. So, save your time on this one rather than the money!


Mishaps can happen anytime. They come uninvited. It’s better to be prepared for such situations rather than leaving it to luck. Ask the photographer if he is insured or not. A professional photographer will be certified and insured. In case any of his equipment gets damaged during the shoot, or he falls or suffers any damage, you will be saved from a whole lot of hassle.

If the photographer in question is not insured, it is a big red flag for you. Avoid such photographers at all costs.


Knowing the background of the photographer will give you an insight into how capable he is. Ask him about his education. Is he a certified professional photographer? Where he got his certification from? How long has he been working in this industry? Previous works!

All these questions will provide you with the information required to hire the right candidate for your product shoot.


The style of a photographer will determine his ability to capture the product in the style you desire. If you are looking for a bold and serious look, the photographer’s method should not be funky or upbeat. In St. Petersburg, there are commercial photography studios that categorize their photographers with the style they use, so it makes it easier to select the right one that goes with the product style you have in mind.


Look for their portfolio. The portfolio of the photographer will tell you what he has accomplished. You will be able to see his style and aesthetics and match your product. If they go together, go for it!


How much the photographer will charge you and what is included in his services. Some photographers charge per hour and some charge per day. Compare the costs of the per-picture rates and service rates.

You should also ask what will not be covered in his usual rates like props, editing, assistants, overtime, travel expenses, styling.

Backup & Rights:

A professional photographer should have extra equipment with him in case something breaks or malfunctions. It’s better to have a backup than going in unprepared.

The photographers will usually give you the right to use the pictures. They are entitled to the pictures, but they will grant you the right to use them in any way you like till you give the credentials to the photographer.

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