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Know How To Choose The Contact Lenses


For prevention to any eye damage choosing the right kind of contact lenses is essential. There are a number of factors that influence this choice, including the refractive error, what kind of lens can the eye tolerate, overall expectations, and how much willing is the individual willing to maintain the lenses. Hence it is always advisable to consulting a qualified eye doctor before purchasing the contact lenses. 

Things To Remind To Chose The Contact Lenses:

Things That One Should Consider While Selecting Contact Lenses Are Discussed Beneath

  • The Frequency Of Using The Lenses

One of the first and basic considerations that one should plan before purchasing the contact lenses is the frequency of wearing the lenses. Will the individual be wearing the contact lenses only during the weekend, special occasions, or during the weekdays? Usually the optometrist will prescribe soft lenses that can be worn as frequently as possible. Hard contacts need to be worn on a daily basis till the individual becomes comfortable. 

  • Consider The Cost Of The Lenses  And The Requirement 

The cost of the contact lenses varies depending on the brands. If people prefer colored contacts, then the cost will go up. These colored ones are usually the soft ones and change the color of the eye. There is one more type of contact that changes the entire appearance of the eye. This is called the special effect contact or the theatrical contacts. This type is popular during Halloween and costs more. If the patient feels uncomfortable to remove contact lenses during the night every day, then it is better for the patient to buy extended wear lenses. There are certain brands that are approved by health boards in various countries. These are approved based on the amount of oxygen that can pass through the lenses. However, it is best to first consult the eye doctor before making the decision to purchase extended wear contacts. Hence before purchasing the lenses analyze your requirement and the budget you want to spend on them.

  • Think About The Maintenance 

It is very important for the patient to know about the instructions that are required to maintain the contact lenses. This will ensure that eye infections and ulcers related to cornea are avoided. The doctor will ensure that the right type of contact lenses is chosen, and the right kind of cleaning schedule is followed as well. One more important thing to remember is that the contact lenses that are disposable have greatly reduced the risk of eye infections. You will need to clean them regularly and dispose them much earlier than the expiry date. This is very important for people who have to wear lenses that have extended wear. 

  • Discuss Your Medical Condition With The Specialist

Some patients might have some kind of eye allergies or eyes that are dry, which may affect the overall comfort of the contacts. If the patient has these medical conditions, he/she should discuss the condition with the doctor before going ahead with the selection of the contact lens. Daily disposable contact can help a great deal in reducing contact-lens related allergies and there are certain brands that help in wearing the lenses comfortably. 

The one thing that is important to remember here is that all types of contact lenses are medical-related eyewear. These can be purchased only with the consultation prescription of an eye specialist. If the prescription is not there, people selling the contacts usually won’t provide the contacts to the patients.

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