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Top Tips To Picking The Perfect Business Name


Starting a new business is a huge challenge in itself, but it is an undeniable thrill. You are diligently prepping something that will be lasting and your own. The first step towards this adventure is to pick the perfect name for your business. Everything you do from that point on wards will be to position the name of your business as a successful and durable brand. With such undeniable importance given to the business name, it is quite a pressure to pick the right one. Here are a few tips that can help you streamline the process and shortlist of your options to zero in on the perfect name for your new business.

Associate the name with your products or services:

Business names should clearly signify the types of products or service solutions that your company intends to offer. Target audiences should not have to wonder about your company’s niche once they know your brand name. It also helps customers to associate your brand name to the products or solutions they need when they face specific problems. Names such as the Puppy Walkers, Kennel House, and Legal Stroke etc. allow the prospective clients to immediately relate to the individual offerings of each of these brands.

Choose broad category names:

While it is important that your business name conveys your niche, it should not be too narrow in its outlook. For instance, if you are a wardrobe manufacturer, do not limit your brand name to just wardrobes, since businesses evolve over time. In the future, you might want to diversify into desks or consoles. When choosing, make sure the brand name should remain relevant with the evolution off the business.

Take your brainstorming sessions global:

Brainstorming for ideas can get tedious if you are just doing it alone. If you are looking to accelerate the cache of your ideas, widen your search for names to other languages. Often you can find some amazing word choice in a different language that can be a much better fit for the vision of your company. You can also start projects to crowd-source brand name ideas and feedback for the various business aspects of your company.

Do not over complicate the name:

Brand names should be easy to remember while still allowing your target audiences to identify with your business solutions that you offer. However, you have to find the balance between over complicating and oversimplifying a name. Do not choose general niche terms such as Logo Design Company, a digital marketing company. You need some qualifiers such as Snazzy Logos or Innovate Digital to create names that resonate with your target audiences, are simple to understand and memorable as brand names.

Make sure to test your name choices with focus groups. The focus group should be a specific set of people who understand your business objectives and the niche. They can help you differentiate between a great name choice and the basic options on your list.

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