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Starting up a domestic transportation/taxi business: Why you should implement a digital app?


When you plan to start a taxi business or service like Uber, one of the main foundations for your business is the app. Almost everything is done online now. It is a great platform to develop your business and acquire more users. It is a known fact that increased customers are directly proportional to the rise in profit or ROI. Taxi-business is actually one of the top revenue-generating services in the market right now, and it is worth investing in it. Once your taxi app becomes popular, you can rule the taxi service industry. In order to become a success, your app has to be in favor of the customer. All the features and offers you provide should be customer-centric. 

Your app should literally pop-up in their minds each time they plan to travel somewhere. You will have less work as you do not have to take the pain of scheduling rides or managing payments. The app will make sure that the users are assigned rides correctly and if the payment is being made as per the fares displayed. Administrators can sometimes forget to assign an agent for the customer, but the app will not leave out any customer. Similarly, there are many more major leverages that justify the usage of an app for your taxi business. Take a look at the advantages that are elaborated below. It will surely convince you to host your business via an app. 

Outreach to a larger customer base:

One of the significant benefits of using an app for your business is that you can extend your business to more people within a short period of time. Currently, no process should be time-consuming. The same goes for taxi booking as well. It should be a piece of cake. If so, then the app will spread like wildfire among the common people. Once it gains the popularity needed, the app can survive in the market in the top position for the next few years. Apps will help you connect with people and make your job easier. If you wish to reach more people, then you can provide the customers with referral codes. Customers will share the details of the app with their friends and family, along with the referral code. They will get a cashback if someone downloads and installs the app using the code. Through this approach, you will spread out your service to more people than expected. 

App for domestic transportation/taxi service can be developed using ready-made solutions like Uber clone app. These solutions are built on the business model of app like Uber, Lyft and popular ride-hailing apps. It will help entrepreneurs in launching their own taxi app instantly.

Reduces expenditure:

Expenditure is reduced for both the customer and the service provider. If you are a customer, then the cost of booking a ride in the app is relatively lower than that of booking with a taxi provider who does not have an app. With the app, the fare is calculated based on parameters such as distance, traffic, stop points, and more. All these factors are not considered while estimating the fare for a ride that has been booked without an app. For the service providers, this is a boon. Call charges, maintenance costs, and other daily allowance costs are reduced. In short, they will be looking at greater ROI. 

Communication made easier:

The customer communicates directly with the driver. You do not have to carry the role of a mediator between them. Once the user is connected with a driver, the contact details, and other information to identify the ride are sent to the customer. The user who booked the ride will also be able to track the location of the driver. They will know the time of arrival and will plan accordingly. With the help of a call-to-action button, the customer will be able to speak to the driver assigned for that ride. 

Assured security:

The customers will feel more comfortable to use the app as there is a live tracking option done using GPS. They will know their location even while commuting through unknown routes. The facility to share the ride details and the location are also available. The person who has taken the ride can send the information to their close ones. An emergency button is also employed, and it will connect you to the support team in case you have any emergencies or you are in a situation that needs help. These features will assure the customer that their safety is considered as a top priority. This won’t be available with a taxi service that does not have an app. So, the common people will definitely prefer the taxi service that has the app over the one that does not have one. 

Considering the above-specified benefits, an app for your taxi business is an asset that will help you get the crown in the market. It is clearly evident that a business with an app is capable of gaining more customers and profit. So, an online app is essential for evolving as one of the top taxi service providers in the industry. 

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Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker & marketer for Appdupe – app development company focused on providing ready-made app solutions. She loves to find new business ideas and helps startup entrepreneurs with business consultation. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations, etc.

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