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Three Best Hyundai Cars to Check in 2019


It is always better to use your own car than opt for public transportation some times. Hence, this article sheds light on the three best Hyundai cars which you can choose for yourself when visiting an Ontario Hyundai dealer. You will come to know about a set of specific details about the cars below which will help you to determine which is ideally suited for you! Have a look! 


One of the best-selling cars from Hyundai is Veloster. It offers a spirited performance after the redesigned version hit the market in 2019. This is considered one of the best compact cars which people will come across. 

This sporty looking vehicle provides excellent performance as it is equipped with a four cylinder 2L engine along with standard manual transmission with six speed option that is rare in today’s world. Also, it is a front wheel drive along with remarkable dynamics. This cost of this vehicle starts from $18, 500 and offers a mileage of 28 in the city and 34 on highway. 


Another remarkable car from Riverside Hyundai Showroom is the Sonata. It is quite a car for regular use. Also, the hybrid variants offer remarkable fuel efficiency for people owning it. One of the most noticeable things of this car is the interior; it’s in a class of its own. High grade materials are used for furnishing it and have great finish and fit. 

Also, this car comes with ample space for driver as well as the passengers. Moreover, it comes equipped with excellent infotainment system which is quite easy to use. Lastly, it scores very high in the safety standards that make it an ideal family car. The 2020 design is set to see some changes which might improve the car’s look even more. Currently it is priced at $22,500 approximately. 


This is considered to be one of the best fuel efficient cars on market nowadays. One can opt for one of the three variants which run smoothly. The three options include EV, hybrid, and hybrid plug in. When it comes to performance, this is a better option that other compact vehicles. Hence, people prefer this car in 2019 a lot. 

The Ioniq has an interesting interior with quality finish and fit. Moreover, the passengers in the second row are offered ample legroom which makes travelling in this car quite comfortable for all. It comes with features like climatic controls, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc. are available in all the standard models. 

It starts at a price of $22,400. Ioniq hybrid offers a mileage of 57 mpg when driven on city and 59 mpg when on highway. However, the EV variant provides 150 mpg on city and 122 on highway. 

These three are the best cars from Hyundai in 2019 which is ideal for families. It is safe and offers ample mileage that would make these one of the best cars for everyday usage. So, take a test ride and purchase the one which suits all of your requirements. 

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