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4 Common Mistakes Retailers Make When Creating Cosmetic Boxes and Label


Like other industries, the cosmetic marketplace too has revolutionized over time. Companies are equally concentrating on the product and packaging. They have finally realized that cosmetic boxes have a huge role in brand success. Attention-grabbing label and packaging is essential for personal care and cosmetic products to leave a lasting impression on customers. 

But, there are other factors that also matter when it comes to packaging cosmetic products. For example, your package should stand out, effectively promote the product in the retail environment, keep the contents of the box safe from external hazards, and shouldn’t exceed your budget. 

That’s why brands are putting in a lot of effort when designing their packaging. Because even a minor error can lead to grave issues. Making an error means, you need to start from scratch, which can be quite costly. 

Yet, there are some common mistakes retailers make when creating cosmetic boxes and labeling, which sways buyers to choose other products over yours. To help you overcome this challenge, here we have outlined four common mistakes that you should avoid at every cost. 

Complex Design:

Complex packaging design will surely turn away your customers. In contrast, a cosmetic box that doesn’t showcase unnecessary and excessive information will make it easy for customers to choose your product. In fact, leaving some empty space on your boxes will only accentuate the containers. 

So when designing your cosmetic boxes, think prudently how you will use the space on the front, back, and other sides of the containers. Keep the information brief and simple. This will allow prospective customers to develop an understanding of the product instantly.     

Poor Packaging Material:

Encasing a premium product in a low-quality packaging box is a grave mistake. Especially, if you deal in cosmetic products that promise hopeful transformation with no side-effects. The poor quality custom cosmetic boxes will not only tarnish your reputation but also affect your sales and bottom line. Since it will make the customers feel you offer low-end products. 

Make sure to hire a reliable packaging company like The Legacy Printing that delivers what it promises. A reputable packaging firm will suggest you the best packaging materials by keeping your products in mind. This will keep your products safe during handling and transportation. Plus, it won’t affect customers’ post-purchase behavior.      

Using the Wrong Size:

Using the wrong cosmetic box packaging size can cause a lot of frustration. For instance, an excessively large box will fail to keep the contents of the box in a place, which can increase the likelihood of damage. On the other hand, small packaging box won’t allow customers to access the product easily. 

So rather choosing a one-size box for all your cosmetic products, use custom-designed boxes that perfectly fit your products. Choosing the right packaging size will help you cut your returns and product damaged cost and enhance customer experience.      

Difficult to Open or Close:

“Wrap rage” is one of those mistakes that are frequently overlooked by the brands. As a result, their customers struggle to open and close the packaging. This badly deteriorates customer experience and sways them to buy from the competitors. Developing an easy-to-open cosmetic packaging will help your products jump off the shelves and see more sales. 

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