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Want To Play Megamillions Online? Here Are The Top Advantages


Megamillions – does the name sound familiar? Yes, you are correct! The one game which can turn you into a millionaire overnight is this one. With multi-million dollar prizes, Megamillions is one such international lottery game that gives you the opportunity to win awesome prizes and enjoy a fabulous gaming experience, all under one roof.

But wait, did you know Megamillions can now be played online too, right from the confines of your drawing room? This means that you do not need to be physically present in America to play this American Lotto game. It can be accessed through your smartphones and laptops by logging on to Lottoland, the world leader in online platforms for international casino games. This portal has now opened its doors for players in India, too, thereby presenting international casino games accessible to Indian players with a single click. 

Why Play Megamillions Online?

What is megamillions?

Before discussing the advantages of playing Megamillions online, let us take a sneak-peek into what exactly this game offers to ardent game-lovers. 

Megamillions is an American lotto game which is drawn twice every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. It opens at 23:00, Eastern time. This game is recognized worldwide due to the hefty prize money on offer. 

The minimum jackpot prize money for this casino game stands at US $40 million (INR 2,85,29,60,000), over and above the 8 additional prize tiers. In fact, you don’t really have to hit the jackpot to turn into a millionaire instantly. There are various other categories that can provide you high cash prizes to make it big in life.

Benefits of playing Megamillions online:

  • The biggest advantage of playing Megamillions online is that you do not need to travel to the US to try your luck at winning the enormous jackpot prizes. All you need is an internet connection at home and an inclination to win big.
  • When you play Megamillions online, you receive a proof of your game through an email. This means you do not have to worry about your physical ticket getting lost or damaged.
  • On playing Megamillions online, every player gets an individual online player account where all his transactions are recorded automatically. This lets you know your exact earnings very clearly, at any given point of time.
  • Playing Megamillions online provides access to the biggest jackpots of famous American lotteries instantly, anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Online games allow you to make multiple bets with more numbers and for more chances. This gives you better luck in terms of winning big.

Closing Lines:

Online casino games are the future, and American lotto games like Megamillions is no exception. Widening the search window for Indian enthusiasts, Lottoland, an online casino gaming portal, has provided access to casino-lovers in India, too, to enjoy the game of Megamillions right from the comforts of their personal sanctuaries. So log on to this website and try your luck at something huge from any location on the world map.

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