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4 Smartphone Apps That Prevent Car Accidents


The recently released report by the Highway Safety Association shows that around 25% of all auto accidents are caused by the use of gadgets while driving. Teenagers are not the only people to blame. Adults are also using their smartphones and tablets even more than younger drivers. This is according to the study conducted by AT&T.

Distracted driving is a problem with increasing fatalities every year, especially with the growing number of people who use their smartphones behind the wheel. Although technology is the main culprit behind this problem, it can also be a solution. There are now smartphone apps that can prevent possible car accidents caused by distracted driving.

Distracted Driving: What Is It?

Distracted driving is any form of activity that redirects the driver’s attention away from the road. Any kind of distraction will endanger the driver, passenger, and pedestrian. Distractions may include:

  • Texting or using your mobile phone while driving
  • Reading maps or using the navigation system
  • Changing the station on the radio, CD or MP3 player

The most alarming distraction is using a smartphone while driving because it needs your visual, manual, as well as cognitive attention. It is very important to understand the danger it poses by looking at the facts:

  1. In 2011, around 3,300 people were killed due to a car crash involving a distracted driver and around 570,000 individuals were injured due to a distracted driving accident. This is based on a Harvard study (NYT).
  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 31% of young drivers admitted that they use their smartphones to send text messages or answer calls and emails. With this report, it is not surprising why so many people are killed or injured due to a distracted driver.

The most common injuries from car accidents involve the neck, head, and back:

  • Whiplash
  • Fractured Vertebrae
  • Traumatic Brain Injury which is caused by the head striking something hard during impact.

Car accidents don’t always result in severe injuries. But even if the injury is minor, it can develop into something severe. In such a case, you are entitled to be compensated for your injuries.

  1. In the CBS poll, about 50% of Americans believe that drivers caught texting while driving should be punished the same way as those caught drunk driving.

The main problem of the young generation is that they use their smartphones when they are driving and do distracting things are like text someone or play games. They don’t know that because of them, the big accident will happen somewhere and maybe sometimes you will pay for the cost of this accident with life yours or someone.

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Smartphone Applications That Can Prevent Distracted Driving:

Due to the dangers posed by distracted driving, computer scientists and software developers continue to develop new mobile applications to prevent drivers from using their mobile phones and devices while operating a vehicle.

Drive First: This application is available for Android devices. It disables some of your phone’s functionality when you are driving. It automatically sends calls to voicemail and it silences email and text alerts, especially when your speed reaches 10mph. It only allows you to have access to three important contacts, including a 911 function that lets you make emergency calls.

Cell control: You will only need to plug-up Cell control’s Bluetooth in your car and it will immediately integrate the car’s on board diagnostics. This will help the system figure out whether the vehicle is in motion. Once the Bluetooth is synced to your smartphone, the system will then prevent you from using your mobile device once you start the car. If the car stops, you will be able to use your phone, but once you press the gas again, it will block anything on your device.

One Protect: This mobile application and web browser, allows you to remotely manage your loved one’s mobile phone and install driving policies. This application allows the administrator, such as a parent, to manage their teenager’s smartphones by preventing their teen from texting or using his mobile phones while driving or during school hours. It is also capable of differentiating between driver and passenger.

Fleet Safer: This application is available for Blackberry, Android, and Windows mobile devices. This software can automatically lock the device so that the driver won’t receive or entertain calls, texts, or emails. This application even sends auto-reply messages to texts and e-mails.

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