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During travelling stick to vegetarian food


For most of us when we travel by Indian railways the major worry appears to be food. Not only the availability of food ceases to be an issue but even the quality of food is a worrying sign. The quality of train food is not that great and people who have travelled by Indian railways would never vouch for it. The timings of the food are also a point of consideration. If the food is not served on time it can lead to stomach hiccups and can cause major problems during the course of your journey. So when you are travelling by Indian railways you need to exercise caution. When you are travelling by Indian railways there are some points to consider.

  • The moment you travel by train you need to have food inside the train. In most cases you have to wait for a good station to arrive so as to have quality food. Otherwise you need to satisfy yourself with what you get in the train. So when you are travelling by long distances it is necessary that you carry food with you. But many companies have come on board that goes on to serve quality food in the trains. Just you have to place an order to them via an online platform. Be rest assured that the food will be served fresh on to your seats at the required station
  • The quality of food works out to be a major concern. Ensure that the food you avail is fresh and hygienic at the same time.
  • When you are travelling it is always better to stay away from heavy meals. The reason being you are going to sit idle most of the time and problems in relation to digestion can spring up. Hence suggestion would be to keep away from non veg food that does take a long time to digest. During the course of travelling you are not going to indulge in any form of physical exercise or be it any activity
  • Veg foods are a safe bet as the possibility of serving inferior quality is reduced. The moment you opt for non- veg food the caterers might opt for inferior quality meat or spoiled fishes. The consumption of such type of food could upset your stomach.
  • The key is to opt for low calorie food and drink plenty of water. This would help to combat any issues of digestion during the course of the journey
  • Just try to limit the intake of food you plan to consume and only consume food that suffices your hunger.

Even after reaching your destination if you follow the above practices this might work in your favor. All the more so if the place seems to be a new one for you. The opportunity to visit a new place and feast on delightful cuisines is something you would love to enjoy. An upset stomach could spoil things to a considerable extent. Any food that you are going to taste you have to be comfortable with it.

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