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How to download KissAnime on Windows 10


In Japan, KissAnime is one of the most famous cartoon streaming sites and the good news is that mostly, all of us have started using the new version of Windows. But, if you haven’t started using this new updated version of Windows, try to update it soon.

Because you never know what consequences your PC might face when not updating your old version. Today through the reference of this post, we are going to share with you the best tips to download KissAnime on Windows 10.

And, if you are a big fan of watching anime shows and already installed the new Windows version. Believe it or not! You’ll undoubtedly find watching the cartoon shows more impressive on the new version of Windows.

Now, when we have invited a new version, Windows 10 on our devices, we must know the downloading of KissAnime cartoon shows.

In case, if you are facing any issues while downloading any anime shows on Windows 10. Then, today, we have come up with the primary concern on how to download KissAnime on windows 10?

To download the Best KissAnime website, we are offering you two options, either you can choose the ‘KeepVid Pro’ Windows program, or you can choose another option using Internet download Manager.

Option1: Using KeepVid Pro:

KeepVid Pro is the window-based anime app download program. The program provides you a great platform to download KissAnime or other anime related videos or content.

The program is suitable for Mac too, as you can instantly download the anime related videos on your Mac. Moreover, the program is compatible with your mobile devices.

The utility helps in transferring the downloads directly to your device like iOs or Android. Additionally, you can convert & record videos.

How you can download KissAnime cartoons using KeepVid Pro?

Step 1: Launch KeepVid Pro on your device.

Step 2: Next, open the KissAnime site, in any web browser like Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Copy the URL of the video, that you wish to download & watch.

Step3: Tap on the button i.e “Paste URL” in the download tab of KeepVid pro. The program will automatically start downloading and analyzing KissAnime videos. 

Once the video is downloaded, you can stream the video in a downloaded tab. And the plus factor is, that it has an inbuilt player. Som you can play it instantly, whenever needed.

Step4: The next step is if you wish to transfer the downloaded video or any video to your mobile device. 

You just have to click on the option “Add to Transfer list” next to the video & connect your device with the computer. 

Once the device gets connected click on the “Transfer” tab and then tap on the “Transfer” button. 

Congratulations! Kissanime Sites video is transferred to your mobile now. Enjoy your anime streaming journey!

When we have gained about the downloading of anime via KeepVid Pro. Now, let’s move forward to the second option- Internet Download Manager.

Option2: Using Internet Download Manager:

If you are finding the downloading difficult via the Windows program, then you can also go with this another option. It’s a simple way to download episodes of KissAnime. All you have to do, just sit back and follow the below steps accordingly.

Have a quick look at the below steps:

Step 1) At first, download & install the Internet Download Manager on your device.

Step 2) Now, move to the official website of KissAnime. Open the website and select the Anime List.

Step 3) Once you are successful in performing the above task, now you have to pick anime series and then choose your favorite episode, that you wish to view.

Step 4) Next, you’ll examine that, online streaming will start the episode automatically. Just right-click on the video and copy the address.

Step 5) Your next step is to, go to the internet download manager application and tap on the ‘Add URL’ option.

Step 6) Now,  in the Box paste the URL and tap on the OK button.

Step 7) You’ll notice a Download Box on your screen, Once you’ll see it, next click on the ‘Start Button’ to download your desired video.

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the two downloading tips that you can follow. Both tips are easy to execute. You have to follow the steps wisely. 

Hopefully, you’ll like these downloading steps. If you find the post of some help, kindly share it with your friends. 

Also, don’t forget to share and comment on your queries in case you face while downloading the same.

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