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What Are The Major Points To Take Care After Divorce?


Are you handling your divorce well? Most of the time, people are having difficulties following a divorce. These difficulties are usually related to moving on. You will likely feel overwhelmed by your divorce, but this is your chance to start over and press that “restart” button. Not everyone gets a second chance in life; since you are given one, use it wisely and this time, do things a little differently. But for starters, you should focus on a few things that will help make your life a lot easier.

Here is a list of all the major things that you should take care of following a divorce.

Get All Your Documents:

Start by talking with your attorney and requesting all the paperwork back from your case. You may need them in the future (you never know). Once you obtain the paperwork, seal them somewhere where you know where to find them, but out of reach and sight. That way, you will know that they are safe and yet, you will not risk seeing them every day. You do not need a constant reminder that you are divorced.

Change Your Name:

You may feel better if you change your name (reverse it to the “original”) right after a divorce. Contact our Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys and consult with them before you do anything. They will tell you what the best way is to change your name and how you can do it quickly and efficiently. Also, if you have any other questions concerning your divorce, feel free to ask our attorneys.

Remember that name change has to be done on several of your documents, including your ID, driver’s license and your social security number.

New Email Address:

Perhaps it is time to make a new email address. Perhaps you and your spouse were using the old one together, or perhaps the old one has some mutual documents and information that both of you will require at some point in the future. Or simply, you do not want to see your “Divorce documents” in your email every time you want to check your new mail.

Pay a Visit To Your Wardrobe:

When was the last time you bought something new and refreshing? If you have too many things reminding you of your ex, feel free to get rid of them and shop for some new clothes. Shopping is a great way to relieve stress, and it will help you feel better about yourself and more secure. It will boost your confidence and give you something new to wear.

Change Your Hairstyle:

Perhaps you always wanted a new hairstyle, but your ex simply did not like it that much. Well now is the time to “get loose” and wear whatever hairstyle you prefer. Remember that your goal is to do all the things that you could not have done while married. All these small things will help you feel better and move on from your divorce.

Time To Travel:

Most of the time, you will be able to travel (unless you have a custodial duty towards your children, and they are required to remain in the city/state for a certain period of time). To find out if you are able to travel, schedule a free consultation with one of our available Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City today.

If you are able to travel, take your children (or go alone) to an exotic destination, or somewhere where you always wanted to go. The change will help you forget about the past, and give you new positive energy. Remember to get a passport if you do not have one as fast as possible, and take every opportunity you have to travel and change your current lifestyle.

Change Your Will:

If you feel like it, now would be the time to change your will. Perhaps there are a few changes that you would want to implement. If you need legal help with your will, feel free to consult with our attorneys. 

Create a New Bank Account:

In case you had a joint bank account with your spouse, be sure to close that one and open a new account for yourself. Now is the perfect time to start building your own financial presence. Also, start your own credit profile as a single person. You never know when you may need a good credit score.

Get in Touch With Friends and Family:

It is time to renew your friendships and visit your family members. Even a simple “Hi” could start a conversation and end up with an organized meeting. Some people simply wait for someone to contact them, and do not hesitate to be that person. Get in touch with whoever you believe is good for you, and hang out with your friends and family as often as you can. Our Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City advise you to seek comfort in your closest family and to surround yourself with positive people, those who can listen and give good advice. 

Focus on Your Body:

You probably did not go to the gym for the past few months (due to the stress of getting divorced). Now that you are free again, why not go to the gym? It will help you reduce the stress and cure any depression that you may experience. Working out is a great way of staying (and becoming) healthy, and it is proven to help with depression and sadness. 

Also, you will want to strengthen your mind with more positive energy. Seek inspiration and motivational videos, and watch one every day when you wake up. Create your own mantra, or meditate if that helps you focus and regain energy. The goal is to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible and to get rid of all the stress and negativity.

Author Bio:

Emy A. Cordano is a Divorce Attorney Salt Lake City who represents men and women in the greater Salt Lake City area. 

She provides her clients dedicated, personalized family law representation in complicated divorce matters involving high asset and property division, child custody & visitation, as well as modifications to prior agreements.

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