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Top Trends in the CRM Industry Heading Towards the 2020s


Well, there is no such information that people are still not aware of when it comes to the usage of the CRM system. CRM or Customer Relationship Management refers to the software which is acting as one of the greatest assets for a business firm in the present era. In this highly technological era, you can only call a person ‘smart’ when they are equipped with the relevant knowledge of the latest trends and technology, along with their usage. It would not be wrong to say that people hardly find someone smart enough as themselves when they come to realize the same thing. On the other hand, the ironical thing is that each one of us needs the right guidance at some point or the other in our career paths. Nobody is intelligent enough to imply all sorts of knowledge at a single platform.

More About CRM:

Most of you would be wondering why we were talking about the latest technologies all of a sudden. That is because we are now going to talk more about CRM solutions being among the latest technological trend of the industry, along with their complete usage and applications in the coming years. We will also be discussing the major CRM trends that are going to bring fortune to people in the coming years, ensuring them greater productivity of their employees with higher ROI than ever before. CRM solutions have been winning the hearts of the people all across the globe, due to which it is always in greater demand among the masses. Here, we are going to discuss the latest trends in the technological market to blow your minds with amazement. Continue reading to get more useful insights on the same.

Major Trends of the CRM Industry:

So, the following mentioned are a few top trends that can woo your minds with amazing functionalities in the coming decade. Have a look:

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

One must never underestimate the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These two concepts have been alluring people at higher rates lately making them realize the importance of current technological trends. People never imagined using robots to chat with people online and provide them with instant responses, but now it is possible. Hence, technology never fails to amaze us, whether it is 2019 or 2029.

2. Ease of Usage- Mobility

These days, people are so busy with the hectic schedules that they do not wish to waste even a single minute. They would rather prefer to work on-the-go instead of taking a break. CRM systems providing people with ease of usage, i.e. mobility are always in much higher demand than those which cannot be operated on other systems, apart from desktop. This is what is going to be in the major trends in the next decade.

3. Personalized Experiences

Customized experiences never fail to disappoint people when it comes to making them feel special and important. In the present era, people are more inclined towards the usage of things in a much more personalized manner rather than going for ordinary experience. They would prefer going for customized usage of specific things to get a better as well as enhanced experience altogether.

4. Ease of Integration

People love to integrate various applications in order to get an enriched experience. The 2020’s CRM must be capable enough of getting integrated with other third-party software to provide users with what they want. They would be more like technology-absorbent which would never hesitate to work with the latest technologies in order to get the desired results for the benefit of a particular business firm.

5. IoT Friendly

IoT or (Internet of Things) is something that almost everyone is aware of. This is one of the most predictive technological trends allowing people to focus on their goals without a second thought. The upcoming CRM solutions are going to be ready to get themselves equipped with IoT. In fact, it is going to be much more prone to these latest technologies to serve people in a better way.


On an ending note, we can say that the upcoming CRM solutions are just going to get better with time, or as we say that they would be definitely better than the ones we have with us at the moment. No matter, how many CRM solutions are evolved with time, talking in context to the present, we have only one CRM system which is above all because of its ultimate functionalities and advanced methodologies. It is ‘Salesforce’. Undoubtedly, Salesforce CRM is the world’s dominant CRM solution, which has acquired the majority of the CRM market today, delivering people with the best results in no time.

Although there are still some people who are not aware of the exact usage of Salesforce as a CRM system, they obviously require continuous consulting or guidance from the initial phase until the later ones. Getting yourself the right Salesforce Consultant in this highly competitive market is no less than a challenge. Getting on board swiftly with them is not as easy as it seems to be. One needs to be very decisive while making such decisions so that they do not need to regret later in their careers. Think wisely and then choose smartly. This is just to be kept in mind while you are looking for the best consultants in the market today!

Author Bio: Deepak Kushwaha is a technical writer at 360 Degree Cloud Technologies. He loves writing and sharing topics on Salesforce Integration, Consulting, Salesforce Lightning, its implementation and customization, web design and development, Salesforce Support Services, and all the latest trends going around in web world.

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